Join the fight to turn 30% of our ocean into no take zones by 2030

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Wakey wakey, Boris!

Bottom trawling releases as much carbon dioxide as all air travel combined. Deep sea fish remove one million tons of carbon dioxide each year from UK and Irish waters.

It's simple. More fish in the sea. Less climate change. Join the fight to turn 30% of our ocean into no take zones by 2030.

Help us wake them up. Before we're all sleeping with the fishes. 

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We've created a series of collectable banknotes depicting each G7 leader and the related fishing atrocities in their respective countries. These can only be dispatched to the UK.

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This problem won’t be solved overnight, and we know politicians will need all the encouragement they can get to deliver on this. Here’s how we’re going to do it:

• International awareness campaign keeping pressure on the world's governments to do the right thing.

• Digital and social media campaigns and localised stories

• Projections and guerrilla campaigns around key landmarks

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Seaspiracy billboards

300,000 whales, dolphins and porpoises die in fishing gear every year.

46% of plastics in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch are fishing nets.

Something isn't right and we all need to do something about it. What's the cost to save our seas?

Seaspiracy Netflix documentary

Donate now and your donation will be doubled!

Unless we act now we will live to see the death of the oceans and our children will never know the wonder and beauty of our once thriving blue planet. We can’t fix this on our own. Now we need to take action and that's where you come in.

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