We raised funds to get the ball rolling, got a boost in confidence and raised awareness of our product.

Community Shares

The Duke is a beautiful, historic pub; a central feature of village life. We wanted it to stay that way.

£2,846,690 of extra funding available today

Three ways to raise funds

Behind every project is a great story

Freedom Bakery

Slashing reoffending rates through artisan baking

by Freedom Bakery and 269 backers who raised £16,595

Rebel Studio Yoga

Rebel with a cause: Bringing specialist yoga to London

by Rebel Studio and 73 backers who raised £10,540

The Good Hope Café reopened after bad flood damage

by For Jimmy and 253 backers who raised £16,565

Samphire became the fastest funded festival on Crowdfunder

by Samphire and 336 backers who raised £42,855

Sisters stop halter necks being a pain in the neck

by Halto and 220 backers who raised £11,055

TruVision: Walk around your home before it’s even built

by TruVision and 39 backers who raised £8,001

Collings Park Trust are crowdfunding green spaces

by Collings Park Trust and 40 backers who raised £21,380

How a fishery netted more funding than expected

by Caroline Bennett and 70 backers who raised £12,055

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Snact are creating a greener, fairer food system

by Snact and 273 backers who raised £13,516

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Eden Project mini-bond - £1m in 5 hours!

by Eden Project and 354 investors who raised £1.5m

How a village saved their local pub

by Save the Duke and 167 backers who raised £186,570

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The Pressery raised £150,000 in under two hours

by The Pressery and 60 investors who raised £144,340

Thousands of projects added each week

Community 18,919
Business 11,351
Charities 2,644
Sports 2,313
Arts 2,249
Music 1,362
Schools 1,293
Environment 1,253
University 1,074
Politics 825

Ideas + Crowd = £18,119,907 raised

Our partners give you more


£2 million to help new ideas in the Angus region


£5,000 for football clubs in Devon


£350,000 for renewable energy projects around GB


£90,000 of funding available for projects in Plymouth


£5,000 for amazing businesses


£40,000 for projects in Ernesettle and Plymouth


Support for cricket clubs throughout Cornwall

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