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Vote for Policies

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At the next election, Vote for Policies wants to help 5 million people choose which party to vote for, based purely on policies.

London, Greater London
Pledged 22% Backers 109 Days left 34


Crowdfunder validates Annan Harbour project for match funding
[08 July 2014]

Match funding is becoming more and more accessible to projects on Crowdfunder. One recent example of this is the Annan Harbour Action Group, who have won over their local community and therefore relea... [READ MORE]

Enterprising bookseller turns to crowd to help launch 'cultural hub' in Coventry
[02 July 2014]

It has been well reported that highstreet bookshops are being hit hard by online sales. Independent booksellers are having to adapt in order to keep afloat and The Big Comfy Bookshop is a great exampl... [READ MORE]