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Our national helpline connects those who are lonely, hungry or need specialist help to local churches or services during the COVID-19 crisis

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We hit the news! On Easter weekend we featured on BBC news, the Telegraph, and in the Mail Online. You can watch the full BBC clip here:

Our goal is to raise £250,000 to provide support to people in need during the COVID-19 crisis. This global pandemic presents the UK with our greatest peacetime challenge. Over the next months, millions of people will face prolonged periods of social isolation, financial hardship and a severe reduction in public services.

Telegraph article: 12/04/20Through these difficult days, will connect people who need help with local churches that can lend a hand. will reassure the anxious and provide practical support for those who find themselves alone and helpless. will also work to alleviate pressure from other, already overstretched, public services. 

Our partners include the Churches Together in England, The Salvation Army, the Evangelical Alliance and the Oasis Trust. We are working with government and many other community organisations. Our team includes experts in social work, humanitarian relief, public health, community development, safeguarding and support for vulnerable groups.

With the expertise of our team and the support of local churches and communities we are deploying good neighbours across the UK, But to do this, we really need your help!

We need to raise £250k. This will enable us to provide: 

  • A telephone helpline where people in need can find support 
  • A trained team to support individuals that most need help
  • A live network of more than 1000 churches and community groups that can offer help in a quick, safe and effective manner in every community
  • An army of volunteers befriending and phoning isolated individuals, delivering food and prescription medicines and looking after neighbours in need

In the week before Easter, 500 church leaders signed the Easter pledge to the nation to say that although church doors are closed, the Churches’ work for the community continues. In fact, they are standing up and serving their communities, villages, towns and cities. These church leaders include the Bishops of Durham, Gloucester, Bristol, Truro, Swindon, Willesden and Stepney, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Southwark, Glyn Barrett of Audacious Church and the Leader of Assemblies of God, Les Isaacs, Ecumenical Canon of Southwark Cathedral and Rev’d Nicky Gumbel of Holy Trinity Brompton.

At a time when many are in need of a Good Samaritan, with your help, will encourage, support and deploy thousands of good neighbours through local churches across the UK.

Please support us today!

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