Xpresso Martini by Club Belmont brand new startup

by Samuel Livingstone in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 26th January 2018 we successfully raised £7,135 with 60 supporters in 37 days

To fund the first production run of Cold brew Coffee Xpresso Martini alcoholic cocktail and help us launch into the UK market.

by Samuel Livingstone in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Hi Everyone, 

We are still accepting pledges and orders for samples, t-shirts, flasks & more to help get the brand going.

At the moment it looks like the raffle prize money of 100 pounds and Tom Dixon Copper Espresso Coffee cups is down to only 2 winners unless you would like to play.

Thanks for viewing our Crowdfunder.


The ambition:

To produce a well loved, respected brand and luxury Xpresso Martini cocktail in an easily transportable, attractive glass bottle for the upper end of the market. 

For those looking for that sophisticated, indulgent alcoholic cocktail with that rewarding caffeine kick for the perfect pick me up.

And of course to enjoy at parties with friends.

What is the Club Belmont Xpresso Martini?

We have created a Premium alcoholic ready-to-drink, transportable Cold Brew Coffee Xpresso Martini. Made with triple distilled small batch Polish recipe vodka, 24 hour cold brew Italian blend coffee beans and the finest coffee liqueur.  Four perfectly blended ingredients, and that's it.

Served in an attractive little bottle - shake well & serve chilled.

Raffle Prize! x4 Espresso coffee cups 

Xpresso not Espresso 

Called the Xpresso Martini because  it is the  reinvented thoroughbred version. We have done away with the espresso and created this cocktail with cold brew coffee for that dark, velvet taste.

Xpresso Martini  trademark of Club Belmont. 

Where the product is so far:

Fully developed recipe, The Xpresso Martini has gone through 96 batches of taste testing and  has been rigorously tested in the lab. We have the prototype which has passed UK protocols, shelf life testing and nutrition testing. Labels have been designed waiting at the printers, all self funded so far.

Why  we need to Crowdfund:

To create the first production run of lovely little bottles of this premium Xpresso Martini cocktail, so we can send you your delicious drinks, have the stock ready to get into stores and really kickstart the product into the UK market. 

You will be the first people in the country to have this product in your hands!  

We need your help to make it through the next stage.

This is an independent venture, with the drink created and produced in London, to be enjoyed all over the UK.

Who is Sam?

London Based, 32 year old mixologist & aspiring entrepreneur. 

The brand story of Club Belmont Xpresso Martini as it stands:

I started this journey with a hobby in cocktail mixing at the age of 18, having parties and practicing my skills by testing, tweaking and serving my signature espresso shot. Experimenting with a range of ingredients until I came up with the perfect combination to perk up guests with a delicious drink and keep the party going. The enjoyment I get from sharing my drinks with friends has inspired me to bring a premium, take-with-you caffeinated cocktail to the masses. I realised that this is my passion. While I have worked in other jobs and industries, nothing has brought me more pleasure than sharing my cocktails with others. I’ve always been the kind of guy who is the first to make a round of drinks at a house party, either as my own idea or at my friend's request.

My dream is to one day see my products in a magazine on an airline for customers looking for that in-between drink, wanting that caffeinated pick me up beverage or an alcoholic travel drink with friends. Espresso martini seemed the perfect choice to attract customers with my first product line so I began to adapt my signature shot for guests to reinvent this classic drink. 


I worked my way up through companies, collecting skills to run my own business one day. I've saved up over many years, pulling in skills sets from family members to take the plunge to start the Club Belmont company and go to market with a premium product.


Why this product has a place in the market/competition:

Cold brew coffee is a booming market, the discerning UK public enjoys a pick me up post work or pre-travel, larger companies have proven with research and product lines that transportable drinks have been very successful and that customers are looking for new products to drink over beer/wine/cider products available. 


Why this will be different

The difference: caffeinated for that boost, premium, classic ingredients, transportable and can be enjoyed anywhere.  It will be the only pre-made, chilled, transportable cold brew espresso martini cocktail on the market in the UK. 

Thank you to Kate, film crew Mel & Max  at Little Grand Road, Josh, Bex, Ria and Matt, everyone who has helped with connections or advice and anyone that believed in this.

Above: Actual Label Design



Instagram: Clubbelmontxpressomartini


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Get involved & enter the raffle

Donation towards this exciting new project. Help us make it happen & enter the raffle for a prize draw. One lucky winner of £100 & x4 Tom Dixon Coffee cups, Plus x1 Club Belmont Pegasus Flask. Be listed as a founder. Draw will be held in public at launch event. Available worldwide. No limit to tickets per person. Raffle only valid if target is met, so please share. Thank you so much for your support

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x2 Xpresso Martini samples

Pledge £15 and receive x2 150ml marketing samples of Xpresso Martini direct to your door, free shipping (we can ship samples to UK Only) Be listed founder on our site and blog.

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Pledge £15 for our cool branded T-shirt. Be listed as a founder. We can ship these internationally. Great for the gym or low key hang outs with friends. Remember to tell us your size and white or black version.

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x4 Bottles of Xpresso Martini

Pledge £25 to receive x4 bottles of Xpresso Martini samples Plus Club Belmont flask Be be made a founder. (UK Only) Who could ask for anything more?

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Founder Launch Party (standard non VIP)

Invitation to exclusive launch party based in London. Free tester Xpresso Martini, fantastic group of people, meet all the share holders, party games, one free drink on arrival & completely optional fun :). Standard invite Non VIP. No new tea cocktail, survival barman recipe book. Refunds of 75% possible if you can not attend the date & give 7 days notice.

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Founders Launch Party

Invitation to exclusive launch party based in London. Free tester Xpresso Martini, testing of the new tea cocktail, party games, survival barman recipe book. Be listed as founder.

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£50 for the deluxe founder package x10 samples

Pledge £50 to receive x10 Bottles of Xpresso Martini samples plus the Club Belmont flask & listed as a founder. UK shipping only.

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Founders Wedding Party Package x100 (3 Only)

Founders Wedding party package! The best pledge reward on offer for 100 bottles of samples for your wedding event. Includes shipping to UK only. Celebrate your special day with our unique and memorable product, while helping promote the brand to your guests Not for resale, these are marketing samples only, which can be gifted to guests. The product will last up to 12 months in good condition but we can delay delivery date if requested.

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