by Dan Knight in London, England, United Kingdom

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by Dan Knight in London, England, United Kingdom

WHO WE ARE: In 2010 we opened a stall in London's Camden Market to make handmade soaps affordable and available to everyone. We offer Soaps for everyday use, skincare soaps, anti-allergen, exfoliating scrub bars, aromatherapy liquids and bar soaps, 100% natural and a range of cosmetics - all 100% natural. 10 years have passed and the goal of establishing a skincare company with a broad range of handmade soaps has been realised. Moving forwards I would like to get this soap into every consciously aware bathroom and kitchen in the United Kingdom and introduce more people to the benefits of using our soaps.                 

SKINCARE : Some hand made soaps can be harsh on the skin - even normal high street branded soaps can be - however, these bars are notoriously gentle to all skin types. Our production method and ingredients are key to making them extra kind to skin, particularly for those with skin problems. Many people have benefited from our soaps and the reputed ability for removing and calming inflamed skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis and the daily use of aromatherapy soaps with stimulating aromas and rich lather are a pleasure to use.

AFFORDABLE AND ENVIRONMENTAL : I believe everyone should be able to afford natural skincare. The goal of this campaign is to be able to increase production so that we can make the retail price agreeable for all, without sacrificing our high quality ingredients. Our bars are notorious for being gentle on the skin and the environment. Made from natural butters, clays, essential oils, and plant-based ingredients, we avoid the need for commercial surfactants found in liquid and many bar soaps. They are really effective at cleansing skin and they wash away and biodegrade easily.

AVAILABILITY: I would like to see everyone have the opportunity to use natural cold process soap, they are a great alternative to commercial soap bars. Currently you can find them in local traders markets, although there are not many soap makers around these days, and less that can offer a reasonable price. This is mainly due to the high price of raw materials such as cocoa butter, shea and coconut butter, essential oils and plant-based colours - and of course the time it takes to produce each batch. For many of us it's not always easy to reach a local soap producer, either because of location or time restraints. Making a soap subscription box would make it possible to reach anyone with the capacity to book a delivery online.


Skincare soaps for all skin types! You can select from one of our many bundles (including the exfoliating bar box, lavender lovers selection, anti-allergen and sensitive skin boxes), or build a custom box of your favourites from our range of 23 aromatherapy soaps including turmeric, green tea, charcoal, rice milk and many other raw natural ingredient soaps. Can’t decide? Want to try something new? Choose our mystery subscription box and we’ll choose 3 soaps for you.


Your support will be invested into:

THE BOX: The design and prototype box has already been completed, but the print job, and die cutting is a substantial cost. The box is made from recycled Kraft card and the print is water based, which makes the box biodegradable and recyclable.

RAW MATERIALS: We source all our shea butter from Ghana and Mali, and other ingredients come from varying locations. Mostly from Africa and South America, and the rest from UK-based producers and suppliers that do the hard work of importation on our behalf. With your investment we will be able to increase support of our International and UK suppliers through our increased purchasing power.

FACILITIES: Since I began this business, I have made soap from my kitchen, a shed in my friends garden, my bedroom in a shared house, a small utilities room in Camden market and - finally - in a lab built for production. However we will need new equipment and to upgrade our facilities so we can maintain good manufacturing practices and respond to increased demand.

STAFFING: Your investment will allow me the amazing opportunity to hire 2 full-time members of staff, generating new incomes for local people in my community.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the closing of our stall at Camden market and subsequent slowing down of business we didn't want to pack up our things and call it a day, become another economic victim but rather force us to adapt to the new reality. I am so happy to have this idea to offer you, to be able to carry on trading at this time and make soaps for our present customers and many new ones to come is a great honour. I am looking forward to when we will all have the opportunity to return to a reimagined pattern of daily life in the near future. I hope you will like this presentation and you will be inspired to pledge. You won't go wrong, its a great offer.


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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

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Be the first to receive a soap box

Receive 1 of the first batch of soap boxes when they are produced and choose your soap box from below. ! thats 3 x 100g handmade aromatherapy soap bars (including a little gift from us to say and extra thanks for your support).

£5 or more

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Building a soap box, one soap at a time !

No one goes home empty handed ! for this amount we will send you one of the best selling soap bars in our range, free postage included, its a bargain.

£25 or more

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Sharing is caring !

Pledge £25 and receive 2 soap boxes, sent to you and a friend if you choose, plus a £5.00 voucher to use on our website. (choose your boxes below) !

£50 or more

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your a soap warrior !

Thats a serious amount of pledgability, for you we will offer 6 months of soap box delivery to your door and access to change your subscription choices. This means you are one of the first to use the subscription service and we applaud you for daring to go where others we imagine will tread this price would buy you 5 boxes but we added one for free because you are super soapy warrior.

£100 or more

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You did it ! your in, welcome to the family !

If we reach our target, you don't have to think about soap ever again ! or at least for 12 months, receive a soap box in the post every month, you can chose, change, pause, reschedule your delivery through the website link provided, we will keep you informed of new bars for everyday usage and skin type bars that we release monthly.

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