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Dogs are howling for a Wooferendum to stop Brexit. Join us and together let’s make the biggest bark in history.

by Daniel Elkan in London, England, United Kingdom

'It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.' – Mark Twain

Update - Monday 15th October - 10 days left

We've got 10 days left to crowdfund the Wooferendum campaign - can you help us? 

The campaign a 'By the dogs, for the people' campaign. Millions of people in the UK are deeply concerned about Brexit but feel like they don't have a voice.  Enabling people to speak out  - or bark out through their dogs is helping to give the country its voice back. 

The impact of Brexit on pets and animal welfare could be distastrous:  the loss of the pet passport scheme that and the return of the dreaded quarantine system; shortages of vets; more expensive pet medicines; pet food companies who rely on frictionless trade with Europe going out of business; and lack of important animal welfare legistation. 

As you'll see below, we are achieving a huge amount of media coverage and inspiring more people to speak out. But we can't do this without some funds to pay for essential costs.  

The Wooferendum March
The march on Sunday 7th October was an incredible event - made possible by the dedication of the dogs and the enthusiasm and creativity of thousands of people. 

The march achieved worldwide news coverage.  And in UK, here are a few examples: 

The Guardian, Daily Mail Online, The Independent, Bloomberg, the Evening Standard and The Metro - and that’s just a few of them. 

We were front page news in The Times.  And the Telegraph published a beautiful photo on page 4. 

A dogs’ dinner
Brexit is going to damage people’s livelihoods, relationships, and our culture of openness and diversity. A small group of hardline Brexiters are trying to muzzle anyone who thinks Brexit is a bad idea. All over the UK, our two-legged friends are worried and sad.


Pooch power
That’s why canines all over the country are coming together to start the Wooferendum, howling on behalf of the millions of people in the UK who believe Brexit is a tragic mistake. If enough of the country barks with us, politicians will be empowered to stand up for us too.

It’s a Wooferendum - by the dogs, for the people.


Get pawlitical
People need the chance to think again. Nobody knew the full implications of Brexit and with Brexiters blocking their ears, it feels like the tail is wagging the dog. But we are not going to roll over.  Brexit can be stopped.

We’re taking action. Our numbers are growing. Join us.

The March:  Walkies Not Porkies

It’s time to take a stand and give people their voices back. We’ll bark on the beaches. We’ll bark in the parks and streets.  And on Sunday 7th October 2018, thousands of us will march on Parliament to deliver a PETition to the Prime Minister in Downing Street - demanding a People’s Vote.   

As our paws pound the pavement, with a carnival atmosphere and celebrity dog owners and public figures speaking on behalf of us canine campaigners, we’ll capture the attention of the media and the hearts of the nation.

Let's make the biggest bark in history.

This is where we need your help.

We are campaigning to make the biggest bark in history, and give people a voice who don't normally speak out. The more money we raise, the greater the impact we’ll make. Many people and dogs have already donated their time and skills, but now we need the resources to make this massive.  

This is what your donation will make possible:

The March

Costs include:

  • Hiring a stage, PA and equipment – for public figures and celebrities to speak
  • Insurance
  • Event logistics and admin costs


Costs include:

  • Printed campaign pamphlets for dog owners to give to other dog owners in parks
  • Posters of Wooferendum dogs to put up in public places, barking out to promote the march
  • Freelancers to help work on the campaign
  • Film and content creation

Here are some words from Wooferendum Founder, Daniel, about the campaign:

Thanks in advance
Your contribution will make a big difference.  Our future is at stake.  But together we can achieve something incredible.

More about the reward providers
Dog training: Hairy Hounds in Hackney - who provided the fab pooches for the final two shots in the film 
Dog photoshoot: Instagram: @posingpooches - Leonor Gomes will capture your hound in all it's quirky glory.
Here's an Ellery Bow bandana (

Here's an example of a thread-painted portrait by world-renowned quilt artist Linda Seward (

Here are fabric dog chews from Pet Hates Toys.

Here's a Wooferendum T-shirt (very, very limited edition!)


Let's make 'Wooferendum' happen

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