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by duncan parker in England, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 19th June 2018 we successfully raised £18,285 with 72 supporters in 42 days

To raise funds for our Women's Loan Fund which supports strong, innovative women who want to improve their lives and communities.

by duncan parker in England, England, United Kingdom

We are looking to raise £25,000 for our Women's Loan Fund.

The Women’s Loan Fund was launched in September 2017 and provides funds to disadvantaged women with a viable business plan who want to launch a new business or need support to develop an existing one, but can’t access mainstream finance.

“The Women’s Loan Fund was created to empower women to turn their ideas into reality and unlock new opportunities for creating a better life for themselves, their families and ultimately, their communities.

We have a pipeline of inspiring, smart women that need a hand up to turn their lives around but can’t access funding from traditional sources even though the social impact of lending to women is far greater. With this crowdfunding campaign we want to encourage and support as many women as possible to achieve their full potential, become financially independent and valuable economic contributors to society through sustainable self-employment."

Duncan Parker, CEO at Fredericks Foundation

Why focus on women?

Although their numbers have increased, women are still under-represented in enterprise. Moreover, women often have responsibilities that make traditional employment difficult, especially if under zero-hours contracts.  Many women are also carers for elderly, sick or disabled family members.  For some of these women, self-employment represents the best or only opportunity to work.

  • Women are underrepresented in the business community. Just 17% of business owners in the UK are women.
  • Women are at least 14 times more likely to live in poverty and less likely to qualify for full time paid employment.
  • Social impact of lending to women is far greater.

Why Fredericks Foundation?

Many traditional finance sources are unable to support lending for start-up businesses – particularly where the applicant has a poor credit history or little or no track record in running a business. The result is that those who need the funding most are the least able to access it. Fredericks is here to bridge that gap: to prevent start-ups falling through the net and into the hands of irresponsible lenders. 

Fredericks Foundation have a track record in supporting women to start businesses of their own and in turn rebuild their confidence, self-esteem and improve their over-all quality of life.

  • We have a pipeline of women who need our support.
  • 20% of our loans are to single mothers.
  • 42% of our loans to women are in migrant communities & ethnic minorities.
  • 11% of our loans are to women with disabilities.
  • We have experience with the target groups for the Women’s Loan Fund.

Why Support us?

"The Women's Loan Fund is such an incredible thing to support as it helps so many people and society as a whole benefits from women running businesses." 

Ali Golds

“I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without Freddies. They believed in me when when no one else would give me a chance.” 

Pia - The Vanilla Pod Bakery

"Fredericks Foundation helped me get over my initial difficulties by believing in my dreams” 

Tokunbo - Tokunbo's Kitchen

“Without the help and financial support that the Fredericks Foundation has given me I simply could not have gone into manufacturing and my product would have never seen the marketplace.  I am now exporting 12 months later” 

Danielle - OhMySkin

"I think that you should support the Fredericks Foundation, because they believed in me!" 

Wendy - Furbabies Grooming

Proof that it works!

Here is Wendy's story of how with Fredericks support, she overcame her difficulties to run a successful pet grooming business... 

Following a unfulfilling and challenging career in the Automotive Industry, Wendy moved abroad to try a new, more relaxing life. Here Wendy spent time working with animals and assisted with animal rescue, which she enjoyed immensely. However in 2016, after four years abroad, Wendy made the tough decision to return home for financial reasons.

After her experience, Wendy decided that she wanted to continue to work with dogs and decided to start her own business as a Mobile Dog Groomer. Wendy approached her bank but was turned down for a loan due to her time abroad, unemployment and that they saw no means for her to repay the loan.

Wendy was introduced to Fredericks Foundation by a Business Advisor and she applied for a loan for £10,000 to get her business up and running. Fredericks looked at Wendy’s application carefully, held a panel with her and agreed the loan. Wendy said,

“The process was simple and the website was easy to use. I had one meeting with my mentor and then the panel interview. I was nervous about the panel interview as the outcome would have a huge effect on me and my plan to start up a business.”

Wendy received the £10,000 loan and was able to pay off her training fees and purchase and fit out a van ready for her first pampered pooch. Wendy also used the loan to create a website and do some marketing.
Since the 2016, Furbabies Grooming has gone from strength to strength and Wendy now has a regular Client base which keeps her very busy. Wendy has ambitions to also open a grooming parlour, employ staff and hopefully one day enter the world of dog show competing!

We asked Wendy to sum up her experience of Fredericks Foundation, she said

“Fredericks Foundation gave me the financial support I needed to get my training completed, purchase a van and get going. Fredericks has helped me fulfil my ambition to stand on my own and run a business I am 100% wanting to do.  Working with animals is a rewarding experience which will fulfil me spiritually and financially. Fredericks Foundation believed in me!”

Some BIG Thank you's

Many thanks to the following Fredericks Clients and supporters for helping us with our appeal, from giving your time, making our video or providing rewards:

Big Yellow Feet

Tokunbo's Kitchen

Furbabies Grooming

Ali Golds

Neat Snacks

All Naturals

Lovely Notebooks

Candy Mechanics

Dans Le Noir 

More about Fredericks Foundation

Fredericks is a Responsible Finance Provider that provides loans to people who want to set up a new business or maintain or expand an existing business. Fredericks is open to anyone who has a viable business proposition, but cannot obtain mainstream finance. Fredericks operates across England and Wales with a support team on hand to help and guide applicants all the way through the process. The support continues even after the applicant has been successful in the form of mentoring, practical business advice, networking and links within the local community that can help support and grow new and expanding businesses.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Wall of Fame

When you donate to Fredericks, your contribution isn't used just once. Because we lend the money, it comes back and we lend it over and over again helping others. All donations will be added to our 'Wall of Fame' on our website and you will have our heartfelt thanks via our regular newsletter to keep you up to date.

£25 or more

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Badge of Pride

For all donations of £25 and over we will send you our exclusive Fredericks Foundation pin badge. Wear it with pride knowing that you have made a real difference!

£50 or more

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Guilt Free Neat Snacking

Donate £50 and be the first to receive 3 x 20g packs of Neat Snacks in Sea Salt, Wasabi & Hot Thai Chilli flavours. Neat Snacks are hand created by one of Frederick incredible female clients. They are 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, guilt free and delicious!

£75 or more

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All Naturals Pampering

For donations of £75 you'll receive All Naturals Luxury soap. Enjoy a bit of pampering on us to say thank you! All Naturals are created by a female Fredericks client. They contain only natural ingredients and are made using a traditional eco-friendly technique. They are good for you and for planet Earth. All Naturals rich lather creates the truly luxurious bathing experience and leaves your skin soft, moisturised replenished.

£100 or more

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Nothing says Thank you like Chocolate

For donations of £100 you will receive an exclusive personalised Thank you card, made of delicious milk chocolate from Candy Mechanics. Candy Mechanics are a member of the Fredericks Foundation 1% Club, who kindly support us each year. They create a large selection of personalised chocolate gifts for any occasion including their famous 'Lolpops' where you cant turn your head into a 3D chocolate Lollipop!

£150 or more

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Coffee On The Go

For donations of £150 you will receive your very own stylish Fredericks Foundation branded Stojo collapsible pocket cup. So wherever you are, you can enjoy your morning tea or coffee and be reminded that your generous support is changing lives!The Stojo is ultra-portable, leak-proof, collapsible, and reusable. Designed by coffee lovers, it's a convenient alternative to bulky travel mugs and better for the environment than disposable cups.

£175 or more

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Lovely Little Notebooks for Big Ideas

For donations of £175 you will receive a beautiful handmade ankara fabric notebook from LNB Boutique. The perfect place to write down all the reasons that you are awesome for supporting our appeal! LNB Boutique was created by a fantastic female Fredericks client and provides a selection of beautiful handmade ankara fabric gifts including notebooks, home-wear, devise cases and fashion. Clean, classy and Chic!

£250 or more

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Join us for a Private View

For donations of £250 you will receive a plus 1 invitation to an exclusive Private Viewing of an art exhibition by Jeremy Houghton in Autumn 2018. Join us and we will raise a glass to you for your generous support.

£400 or more

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To the Moon and Back

The first donation of £400 will receive an amazing MySlouch glow in the dark's like sitting on the moon! Sit back, relax and and reflect on how your donation is changing lives! MySlouch bean bags are created by a female Fredericks client . Because of the unique manufacturing qualities, the glow in the dark, durable, eco-friendly, quirky, beanbags are both eye-catching and fun!

£500 or more

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Dinner with the Chairman at Dans Le Noir

For donations of £500 you will receive a plus 1 invitation to our Chairman's Dinner at exclusive restaurant Dans Le Noir. Let us treat you to an exceptional dining experience at this wonderful venue. Dans Le Noir are a member of the Fredericks Foundation 1% Club, who kindly support us each year. Dans Le Noir offers dining in the dark for a unique sensory, human and social experience!

£1,200 or more

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4 Ball at Annual Fredericks Golf Day

For a donation of £1200 you could receive a 4 Ball with full hospitality at The Buckinghamshire at The annual Fredericks Golf Day in September 2018. Includes Lunch and Dinner and generous drinks hospitality with sponsored holes by Jaguar F Type, Moet, Heineken, Portabello Gin, Monkey Shoulder, Srixon and more. For those who attended our London Open day at Dukes Meadows last year, you know this is one not to miss!

£1,500 or more

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2 Ball with lunch at Sunningdale Golf Club

The first donation of £1500 will receive a 2 Ball with lunch at the prestigious Sunningdale Golf Club. With two truly majestic golf courses and a rich tradition, Sunningdale is without doubt one of England's most prestigious and revered inland golfing venues. With a rich tournament history including annually one of the world's premier pairs competition, The Sunningdale Foursomes, a trip to this venue is one all golfers should experience.

£5,000 or more

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Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall

The first donations of £5000 will receive a private box for 12 people with drinks hospitality at the Royal Albert Hall to see a Holywood Christmas.

£6,500 or more

Fund a Startup & Change a Life

For donations of £6500, you can support a woman into business and follow her progress.

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