Winter Windows Roots Ethiopia Fundraiser

by Winter Windows Fundraiser in Bladon, England, United Kingdom


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Roots Ethiopia is a small charity employing local people in Ethiopia to send children to school and empower women.

by Winter Windows Fundraiser in Bladon, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This small charity is of special significance to one family in Bladon as they adopted their daughter from Ethiopia in 2011 and Roots Ethiopia work in the village that she was born in. Every year they fundraise for the charity with a big Christmas gathering. Sadly this year the pandemic means that this will not be possible, so thanks to Ruby and Amelia and their Winter Windows idea they are finding other ways for the community to come together to raise money for this worthwhile cause. In this way, the children who are already sponsored by the generosity of Bladon residents can continue to go to school and their families can weather this Covid storm.

Roots Ethiopia's work in rural Ethiopia can be divided into three main areas: 

  • Improving schools – providing libraries, IT equipment, science equipment and sports kit
  • Sending children to school - paying for school fees, uniform, classroom supplies and providing food parcels to their family to ensure they can afford to keep their children in education
  • Empowering women – setting up self-help groups and providing small business grants to allow women to become financially independent and provide for a more secure future for their family.

This year the cha1603727066_pic.jpgllenges facing people in rural Ethiopia are doubly difficult. In a normal year, they face food insecurity on a daily basis. The Covid-19 pandemic however has made the food supply chain even more unreliable. When you add to this the locust swarms, which this year have been the worst for decades and are continuing to threaten crops throughout the country, you are faced with a perfect storm.

Furthermore, just as here, the pandemic is dangerous. We all know the opportunities for infection from Covid19 are limited by social distancing, hand washing, and staying home when sick. Ethiopia does not have the medical infrastructure to combat the virus, and access to clean water and products such as soap are very limited. Roots Ethiopia's goals are to keep families together, keep families fed (food secure), and keep families safe and informed about coronavirus. Why? To make sure that when schools reopen families are ready to see their children restart school, ready to learn, and women may return to their work to support themselves and their families.

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