Winston Mckenzie for Mayor of London

by Winston McKenzie in London, England, United Kingdom

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McKenzie’s ambition is to abate Gun & Knife Crime. London needs immediate action. "If not now, then when? If not us then whom?"

by Winston McKenzie in London, England, United Kingdom

As Mayor of London, my ambition and dedication will be to help abate Gun & Knife Crime.  To this end I have already set up “THE GOLDSPUN FOUNDATION” to help encourage our youth into more profound and exciting activities.

            I now urge Prime Minister Johnson to add his gusto to my formidable plans, and help me turn lives around, instead of the futile promises we are used to. 

A distinct deterrent is required to abate Gun & Knife Crime, and give the streets back to the people.  The Prime Minister's promise of London receiving a small proportion of new Police Recruits, once trained, in about two to three years’ time, is too little, too late!  We need help NOW!  I am currently pursuing my ideas in Whitehall to see what can be done.

 Peace-keeping surveillance teams from the Army could be deployed to keep our streets safe in various Boroughs.  This would be a great plus, as it would free up our depleted Met Police to do the job they are trained for, Policing our Communities.  It is the Army, fully trained in urban peace-keeping initiatives, who should be dealing with the growing numbers of urban, armed criminals in our midst, ruining the lives of our young children.  

We are horrified at the increasing violence on our streets from these intruders. We must protect our youth.  However, it would be wrong to arm every Policeman. We have already witnessed unnecessary fatalities such action can cause.   We are blessed with Special Armed Forces for such tasks.  It is impractical to expect a newly recruited University Graduate to deal with hardened organised criminal gangs, intent on hiding their criminal ventures through grooming our youngsters to drug-run for them, whilst bravely handling guns and knives to big themselves up, for fear of gang reprisals?

Let’s get serious! We are fighting an Urban Drugs War!  Terrorism needs to be dealt with in a practicable way.  The practical solution to this tyranny, Prime Minister, is adequately detailed above.     London must go“From Tragic -to- Magic”

We have many other Policies of great importance for you to read; keep the streets clean and green, house and help the homeless, better mental health facilities, standing up for Christianity, emergency services, and more.  My Policies have an element of self-funding and new money, but more of this later.

However, advertising, leaflets, general expenses and Candidate Deposits, all require funding. Please consider supporting our cause by Donating: -                        Thank you.

We are looking to raise a total of £50,000 to cover our Team costs.                         

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Political Party Regulations:         We are required to run permissibility checks on all donations over £500.  For this reason, we are unable to accept anonymous donations over £500, or multiple smaller donations from any one individual aggregated to over £500.  Your details will appear in our Official Election Return if valued over £500, and your identity will appear on the Electoral Commission website should you donate £1,500 or over.


I am proud to announce my latest Award, an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Divinity, for work within the Church, with the youth, and as a Leader in the world.                

I am a community man, passionate about opportunities for our youth.  Over recent years I have visited many Youth Clubs, Cadet Groups, Gymnasiums, Boxing Clubs, etc.   On two occasions I planned and launched, The Croydon Youth Games, a Mini-Olympics for the children of the whole of Greater London, to include a vast Youth Work Experience Programme, teaching groups how to put on and run such an event themselves.

            Recently I set up a new charitable initiative, The Goldspun Foundation, encouraging children into more After-school activities, sports and the arts, to broaden their young lives whilst learning discipline, savings initiatives, cookery classes, team sports, etc., to engage them in after school hours activities, saving them from the scourge of gun and knife crime, drug running and other criminal encounters.

This is who I am.  A former Professional Boxer, passionate about my community, passionate about our youth, and determined to make a difference wherever possible.          

Winston with Former Hero Champion Boxer, Michael Watson at the Pollards Hill Youth Centre.

We understand there are many problems in our society today, mainly due to constant cutbacks.  We are fed up with the continuous talk.  

“Too much analysis breeds paralysis.”    We need action!


My Political Party is entitled; - “UNITY IN ACTION”

of which I am the Leader,                 

and Candidate for the Office of Mayor of London 2020.


I, and my team of candidates, are ready to TAKE ACTION.  Read my Policies, now!                

Let’s get ready to Rumble and go“From Tragic -to- Magic”

Promoted by Marianne Bowness on behalf of Winston McKenzie and Unity In Action, London Headquarters,

111, Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, London, SW1W 0SR.

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