Wilder Willington Phase 2


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After 800 years we want to bring beavers back to Derbyshire! We achieved our Stage 1 target but we still need your help on this appeal,

by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust in Willington, England, United Kingdom

After 800 years, we want to bring beavers back to Derbyshire! Our beaver family will play a really important part in making Willington wilder. They will enjoy over 20 acres of Wetland habitat, within a special beaver-proof fence. Egginton Brook flows through the beaver zone, and the native plants and trees will offer our beavers all the food variety they need to thrive.

 The reintroduction of beavers supports our wider rewilding agenda, with the reintroduction of natural processes forming a key aspect of rewilding. Beavers are keystone species, the way that beavers transform their environment has knock-on effects for a huge variety of species, creating spaces for wildlife from the smallest of invertebrates, to otters and birds such as kingfisher and bittern. 

As well as the beavers, we have more exciting plans for Willington Wetlands.  It is such a beautiful site, and we want to share it with as many people as possible.  With this in mind, we would love to create a 5 mile circular walk on site, as well as build a brand new visitor centre and hide so everyone can get up close with nature and hopefully spot a beaver or two!

 We have already raised £35,000 in stage 1 of our appeal to fund the beaver proof fence, we now want to raise £17,400 for the beaver health checks, transport and beaver monitoring costs.

 You can donate directly to the appeal or buy one of our beaver adoption packs from our website .

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