VEO for Wey Hill FC | Video recording for games

by Wey Hill FC in Guildford, England, United Kingdom

VEO for Wey Hill FC | Video recording for games


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Our goal is to constantly improve. We're now raising funds to be able to record our games for those who love us!

by Wey Hill FC in Guildford, England, United Kingdom

Ready To Win

This is our motto and we live by it day by day. Always be prepared, always strive to improve and ask for more from ourselves and those around us. Is the only way we can make progress and get better!

Being able to record our games using the VEO camera will not only help us understand where we can improve but, more importantly, it will make us visible to the rest of the world and to those who support us unconditionally.

What is VEO?

VEO is an Artificial Intelligence powered sports camera used to record football matches. It doesn't need to be handled by anyone and the system automatically tags the balls and the players on the pitch, following the game flow. More details about VEO.


Our club is based in Guildford, a multi-cultural and diverse town in Surrey. Integration and unity was a high priority aspect when Wey Hill FC was established and we continue to develop ourselves with that in mind. 

Romania, Bulgaria, Poland or Brazil are just a few countries represented within the squad and staff and we strive to make Wey Hill a place for all. We also need to remember some have families abroad that would love to watch their loved ones playing football and being part of a team.


Football at this level is sometimes forgotten but we at Wey Hill want to remind everyone that this is the place where all great stars are born and funding and supporting our kind of clubs is key if we want to keep creating paths for the next generations.

Our pledge

We think it's important to give back when you receive help and we decided to donate 10% of the money raised to North Guildford Food Bank. Once the campaign has stopped, we will make arrangements to fulfill all rewards (scarves, training and match shirts) and will also send the 10% to this amazing organisation that helps those in need with food.

We'll be extremely grateful for all your support, financial or moral, and we hope to be able to improve our future together.

What are we giving in exchange of your help

The scarf (£50+ spnsorships)


The training shirt (£125+ spnsorships) 


The match shirt (£250+ spnsorships) 


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