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Help us to build Sensory Splash Pad in Warren Park to provide safe, positive and aquatic experience for children with disabilities.

by ActionforChildren-Warren Park in Kingston Upon Thames, England, United Kingdom


Action for Children needs your support!

Help us to build a Sensory Splash Pad in Warren Park to provide safe, positive and aquatic experience for children with disabilities.


Who we are

We are a group of MSc Marketing & Managements students who facilitate and support the Action for Children initiative on building the splash pad for children at Warren Park. We are convinced that every child in our society should have an opportunity to live in a pleasant and fulfilled environment. By supporting this project, our aim is to show the children at Warren Park, that the world is full of kind and merciful people who are ready to help them.

For us, it is a bit more than just a fundraising campaign, what we really pursue to do is to make the life of these children a little bit happier.

If you want to be a part of it, see the sections below. We have a lot of things to tell you about!

Action for Children

‘Any child who needs help gets help’. This is what the Action for Children has been standing for 148 years. It started off with one person’s action to find a home for homeless juveniles living under the arches of Waterloo Station, now it is an organisation that acts on behalf of 301,000 children, young people, parents and carers across the UK. The key mission for the organisation is to build an environment for the disadvantaged children and children with disabilities, where they will be free from emotional distress and live in a safe and pleasant place.

Action for Children is a charity where one little thing, whether it is a donation or any other form of help, can lead to something much, much better.

“What struck me most during my time at Action For Children, was just how committed everyone was - from our children’s services practitioners to our trustees – to our mission of making sure any child who needs help, gets help.”

(Sir Tony Hawkhead, Chief Executive)

Why we need you help

 The residents at Warren Park love water! However, due to accessibility issues, cannot always access water play.

The splash pad will mean that children can access it on a daily basis. It will include colourful padding area with a modern splash pad design consisting of play features and fountains.

Sensory play is one of the most important methods of educating children with special needs as it strengthens the neural pathways in kids’ minds, laying strong foundations for learning in the future.

Why Sensory Splash Pad is so important...


To give you more understanding on how Splash Pads usually look:




Warren Park is a place where all children and young people have a sense of belonging, feel valued and lead happy and fulfilling lives. 


Located three miles from Kingston town centre, Warren Park provides short- and long-term residential care services for children with multiple disabilities and complex health needs. It is a well-resourced environment that embraces the individuality of young people by offering warmth, compassion and in-depth understanding of their needs to ensure that those with the most complex and profound needs achieve positive outcomes.

Warren Park compromises three buildings:

   The Burrows Building is a 5-bed home working as the residential service.

   Hazel House is a 6-bed home providing residential shot breaks.

   Large office and activity area with beautiful garden for both services to access.

Sensory Splash Pad will be built in the garden space, which is now ready for construction and waiting for your contribution!



For a construction process to commence, we need to raise £8,000. No matter how big or small your contribution is, it will help to start the construction as soon as possible. This is crucial, as the sensory splash pad can only be operating during the summer season and what we are striving for is to give children at Warren Park an opportunity to enjoy the water activity this summer.

As well as Action for Children, we are a fully transparent campaign, so we will provide you with all details on how the money is going to be spent in order for you to acknowledge the massive effect your contribution has done.

Your impact

‘Due to having severe learning disabilities, these children miss out on many fun leisure activities, this project will mean that the children at Warren Park do not need to miss out on water play anymore ‘ -
Megan Dudziak, Community Fundraiser at Action for Children.

You can help residents at Warren Park to have fun, de-stress and meet their sensory needs in a safe environment.

In addition to children at Warren Park, children from the community who attend early years’ service will also be able to access Splash Pad, as well as disabled children from the community who access the on site hairdressing will also have access to the Splash Pad

What’s next

 Please, support us and be involved in developing an amazing environment for children at Warren Park! By building the sensory splash pad, we give them an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

If you are unable to contribute, but you really want to do something for children at Warren Park, help us to spread this campaign all over the country! Share this page with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. Tell your classmates, work colleagues and even strangers about this initiative! 

Follow the Splash Pad account on Twitter https://twitter.com/splash_warren

Follow the Action for Children official accounts on Twitter @actiforchildren and Facebook  @actionforchildrenlondonandSEFR.

Find out more information about Warren Park

Any participation on this campaign would be beneficial for the project and for the children!

Thank you!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Reward £10

Digital Thank you.

£20 or more

Reward £10

A mention on our social media and crowdfunding pages.

£30 or more

Reward £30

An Action for Children Big Christmas Card.

£50 or more

Reward £50

A Post on the London & SE Action for Children Facebook Page (tagging the company name) stating how amazing the company is for supporting the project.

£100 or more

Reward £100

Your company logo featured on all our mailers and flyers that are sent out to our hundreds of supporters thanking you for your donation.

£250 or more

Reward £250

Free registration free offer to staff members to sign up to the Thorpe Park Half Marathon & Hampton Court Palace Half plus all of the above.

£500 or more

Reward £500

A press release in the local newspaper featuring the names of all the companies who have supported the project plus all of the above.

£750 or more

Reward £750

A press feature in the local newspaper discussing how the company has helped Warren Park plus all of the above.

£1,000 or more

Reward £1,000

A sponsored plaque featuring the company name and donation amount on the splash park plus all of the above.

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