EETG Waltham Forest Industrial Tenants

by Robyn Simms in London, England, United Kingdom

EETG Waltham Forest Industrial Tenants


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Help build the member power to we need to compel a more humane and just commercial property sector before it's too late.

We don’t lack the ideas to make rent fair for small businesses or to support a sustainable recovery, we just don't have enough people power yet. That’s why we’re crowdfunding to raise money for a Community Organiser. From experience, we know that organising small businesses to work together with a skilled member of staff is the only way to build the collective power we need to compel change. 

In our 2018 Manifesto, we painted a picture of the empty London we see now “Can you imagine the capital without its kaleidoscopic small businesses from Chinatown to Brick Lane, Columbia Road to Portobello Road, and the myriad of markets from Walthamstow to Brixton? It would be a hollow place, with only its silent monuments distinguishing it from everywhere else.”

We never imagined then that this was to become the reality so soon. 

On May 6th, the new Mayor of London will be elected. Before that happens we want to put our Commercial Rent proposals in front of the main party candidates for commitments for action, so that way whoever wins, our proposals win with them. But we can’t get the candidates attention unless we have enough members. Will you help us by joining or supporting the Guild today?

If you are a small business, social enterprise or a self-employed person you can join through this crowdfunder. Save a third on membership by joining as part of an affiliate group of 5 or more members for £120 per year - that's just £10 a month, or if you want to join on your own it's £180 for the year.

Simply click on one of the fundraising groups listed below that makes the most sense to you to pay your subs. Or start your own EETG group by hitting the blue "Start Fundraising" button. 

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