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by Poetry Wales in Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom


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Help create a new bilingual competition and anthology for young people across Wales and the UK.

by Poetry Wales in Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Support our underrepresented writers. All funds will go towards creating poetry resources for young people and to subsidising free entries for low-income writers to Wales Poetry Award, our international poetry competition.

Land of poets

It's in our national anthem, our language, our landscapes, our voices, and our young people.

Poetry Wales has been publishing poets for 55 years now. In that time we've been a platform for everyone from Dannie Abse, Tishani Doshi, Owen Sheers and Ailbhe Darcy to Jonathan Edwards, Hanan Issa, Marvin Thompson, and Sascha Aurora Akhtar. We've platformed hundreds of poets, many with published collections of their own. All unique, all brilliant, all with Poetry Wales in common.

New and established, we're proud to be a part of their poetry careers, but as we adapt to a world where we must continually prove the worth of art and empathy, against hostility from governments outside of Wales that affect us all, we need to support our poets of the future. After all, what is a land of poets without its poets?

The Young Poets Competition and Anthology

We need your help to raise funds for Wales Young Poets Award, a new bilingual competition for young people aged 10-17 across Wales and the UK. 

The competition will be free to enter and its theme will be empathy. We will produce an anthology that will find a home in every school in Wales. Our winners and runners-up, in Welsh and English, published together, will receive coveted book vouchers.

But, more importantly, they will gain confidence in their writing, which they will take with them through life. They will know and take strength from what's on offer here in Wales: an unrivalled community of poets, writers and artists. 

But this cannot happen without your support. We are asking you to contribute to our crowdfunder to raise £3000 so we can create this invaluable opportunity for our young poets.

Poetry Resources for All

While our first £3000 will go to prizes, judging, translation and the cost of a print anthology, in order to give all our young poets a fairer chance as many children will remain at home due to the coronavirus, we'd also like to raise funds for new accessible online resources for all, including activity plans and video lessons on writing and performing poetry. We've currently outlined 10 of these lessons, each costing around £375 each for planning, creating and recording. These are designed to complement the new Welsh national curriculum, and priority will be given to freelance poets who have lost income due to lockdown.

Wales Poetry Award

If we're fortunate enough to surpass £6000, any further funds raised will subsidise free entries for low-income writers. Last year we successfully held the inaugural Wales Poetry Award, our international competition for English language poetry. It is one of the only poetry competitions in the UK to offer free, equal entry to those from households earning £16,000 or less per year. Due to coronavirus, we no longer have a sponsor for free entries to the competition. However, we're dedicated to making poetry accessible, so any additional funding we receive here will be used to support these underrepresented poets.

Why we need your support

We are a non-profit company. Despite our long history, we are a small magazine. While we would love to dedicate £3000 to fund the competition ourselves, another £3000 to pay our poets to create resources for young poets, and any spare to support low-income writers entering our competition for adults, we simply do not have the money. 

We are grateful to Books Council Wales from whom we receive our core funding of £20k. This funding primarily pays for staffing (and our dedicated Poetry Wales staff are both part-time). We, unfortunately, do not have the money to start the several projects we would like to. 

Your support will allow us to fund the most important of our outreach projects: to reach young and underrepresented writers in Wales. 

The competition will likely yield no profit, but it is a huge opportunity we want to give all young writers in Wales. For many poets, a writing competition is the first and most important jaunt into the literary world. We would like for every young person to write, to find their voice and be able to express themselves. So, please pledge what you can. Please share with friends, family, teachers, universities, businesses, publishers, everyone. And above all, please donate to help us support the next generation of poets.

What your support will fund

Reads: What your support will fund - Prizes, Judging, Translation, Poetry Resources, Anthology, Fair access for all

Your support up to £3000 will fund Wales Young Poets Award, including prizes, a print anthology sent to schools in Wales, judging and bilingual translation.

Your support up to £6000 will fund the creation of freely accessible poetry resources, including activity plans and video lessons for young poets. These are designed to complement the new Welsh national curriculum. 

Support exceeding £6000 will be used to subsidise free entry to Wales Poetry Award for those from low-income backgrounds, ensuring fair access for all.

We are grateful for any contribution, no matter how small. Please pledge today to help nurture young talent. Thank you.

Let's make 'Support Young Poets in Wales' happen

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