Vegetable Gardens For People With Mental Illness

Vegetable Gardens For People With Mental Illness


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UPDATE - We are very grateful to have received £5,000 towards our Vegetable Gardens fundraiser.  

Network for Africa and our partner in northern Uganda BNUU are currently implementing a community mental health programme with integrated livelihoods support* to assist participants in their journey of recovery (our photo shows some of the first people receiving their income generating items in March 2021). Covid-19 has hit these communities badly and many households don't have enough food to eat. Eating regularly and well is particularly crucial if you are taking anti-psychotic or epilepsy medication. In order to avoid further food shortages, we want to support our clients' families with vegetable gardens.

Covid-19 lockdowns have meant the transport sector is locked, with revised social gathering restrictions and curfew times, and this has a huge impact on the social and economic behaviours in communities where our clients live. Food markets & schools have been closed, meaning access to food is limited and school children are at home. There is also a lack of vaccines. 

We want to help communities to create a simple, but sustainable solution, providing beans and vegetable seeds that can be grown and harvested in their gardens. This will prevent families from going hungry in any future lockdowns. Our participants will have enough to feed their families, and any extra can be sold locally to generate some additional income. We also want to provide extra soap and handwashing facilities so that our clients can meet in safety. This will help some 250 families.

Our target is £6,600 and we need your help. 

£6 could provide each household with 7kg of beans 

£11 could provide each household with enough vegetable seeds to plant 2 acres

Thanks to Crowdfunder, every penny will go directly to this project. 

* More information about these projects can be found by clicking here.


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