Returning cricket to Westerham & Valence School

by Westerham Cricket Club in Westerham, England, United Kingdom


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Renovating the cricket pavilion and cricket square at Valence School, Westerham to a usable standard.

by Westerham Cricket Club in Westerham, England, United Kingdom


Our recently-reformed Club is reaching out to engage with our community in many different ways. We are already developing a strategy to create youth teams by running ECB sessions for 5 to 11 year-olds this summer.  We are also looking to start girls' and women's sections, and now we want to introduce Disability Cricket.

Valence School and Disability Cricket

The club has linked-up with Valence School, our local school for children with special educational needs, and has offered to provide Disability Cricket for the school's students.  On the back of this, we also hope that we can create the club's own Disability Cricket section which would also be open for the wider community to join.  Cricket is, by it's nature a sport which has been shown to help people with disabilities, by teaching them to communicate better, work as a team and promote positive behaviour by encouraging structured debate.  Cricket can also teach them about decisions they make and the consequences of those decisions.  These are all transferrable life skills. 

Disability Cricket provision is scarce.  Only 5% of cricket clubs in England and Wales provide Disability Cricket and currently, in Kent there are only four.  Our vision is to become a "hub" for Disability Cricket in our part of the County.

The school has its own self-contained cricket ground which has not been used for at least 10, maybe 15 years.  The club plans to base itself at the school, and has undertaken to renovate and maintain the school's existing wooden-structured pavilion and reinstate their cricket square and outfield.  As well as providing facilities for Disability Cricket, the club's other teams (adult and junior) will also play home matches at the ground from summer 2022. 

We will be proud to be the first ever sports club in Westerham to have a link with the school.

The funding will be used to purchase building materials and occasional professional help for renovating the pavilion, which is in a state of disrepair.  The funding would also be used to purchase ground care equipment and materials to enable us to reconstruct and maintain the school's cricket square and outfield (heavy roller, fine turf mower, gang mowers, grass seed, loam, fertiliser etc.).

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