V2 Radio - your new local radio station!

by V2 Radio in Chichester, England, United Kingdom


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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to huge changes to local radio, but we aim to bring back your favourite local presenters to West Sussex!

by V2 Radio in Chichester, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Amazing!!! Thank you so much for all of your donations so far, we really appreciate it.  We set ourselves a four week goal to reach our £10k target to cover our transmission costs for 6 months and we've done it with 10 days to spare!

When we decided to run this Crowdfunder we knew we wanted to make sure we could give you something back for helping us which is why we've made so many great rewards available.  So many individuals and businesses have told us that they'd like to take advantage of these rewards, and that it means something to them to have backed this project, so we're going to keep the Crowdfunder open until it's end date.

This isn't us being greedy, whatever we raise on top of our original target will go towards the rest of the transmission costs and will mean that we can plan longer term, including allowing us to work on community campaigns with charity partners to benefit the local area and beyond 

If you run a business and were thinking of taking up one of our amazing reward offers then you are still more than welcome to do so, these are the lowest prices we'll ever be able to offer for advertising but we recognise that times are hard at the moment so they will continue to be available until the end of our Crowdfunder campaign.

All rewards will be delivered around our launch time in January and we cannot wait to get them out to you.  We are very grateful to everyone and we'll never forget the kind donations and support. We promise to make it up to you with a radio station you can love and be proud of.

Best wishes from all at team V2 Radio!

The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to huge changes to local radio including the loss of some locally made programmes here in West Sussex.  Presenters you know including Milly & Crouchie, Nick Hobbs, Neale Bateman, Peter Phillips, Steve Freegard and Gary Booker have been working tirelessly to launch V2 Radio to bring back proper local radio to West Sussex.


What is V2 Radio about?

V2 Radio is a brand new digital radio station with the aim of serving Sussex, initially with a focus on the West Sussex area. The station will have a broad appeal to an audience passionate about local issues, news and events together with a mix of familiar music from the last 5 decades. V2 will be available across all of the main digital on-line platforms as well as DAB.  Programmes will be presented by veterans of the broadcasting industry, already well known to listeners in Sussex, with a wealth of experience of providing radio services locally, nationally and internationally. V2 Radio will have a strong community ethos - getting involved in local events, the arts and festivals, being visible through regular outside broadcasts and supporting local businesses and charities.

Our mission is to make a real difference locally by:

a. Bringing back “proper local radio” to the area; 

b. Generating significant donations for our charitable causes, with 10% of station earnings being used directly for local causes through our “local community chest”;

c. Being the destination station for local news, travel information, and entertainment programming;

d. Featuring a broad spectrum of popular music from the 1960’s to today, as well as entertaining and informative programming relevant to the local area;

V2 Radio will be launching on DAB in January 2021 and across other platforms in December 2020. Listeners can hear us via our apps, our website radio player and through smart speakers.

How will this Crowdfunding campaign help?

The biggest cost for a radio station like ours is transmission and broadcast equipment and to help our launch in these uncertain times when advertising rates are at an all time low, we're crowdfunding to pay for the first six months of our transmission and equipment fees.  Your support will allow our team time to grow an advertising base to secure the long term future of this much needed service.

How can advertisers support V2 Radio further?

The rewards column offers different advertising options that are at the lowest rates they'll ever be. However, if there isn't any options that suit your business or if you'd like to find out about our sought after sponsorship partnerships, please contact us on sales@v2radio.co.uk


Thank you for your interest in supporting us - it's greatly valued to us all. We look forward to bringing back proper local radio to West Sussex.

Let's make 'V2 Radio - your new local radio station!' happen

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