by Bron & Chrissie in Jersey, , Channel Islands

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Inspiring women to push limits & follow passions. A neuroscientist shows how the ocean connects us no matter who we are or where we're from

by Bron & Chrissie in Jersey, , Channel Islands

New stretch target

If we reach our goal  we would love to get a local english artist on board to design us some artwork. https://www.facebook.com/MaiaWalczakArt/

The extra funds will also go towards music for our film as well as extra surfing footage. The sea state doesn't answer to anyone so a few extra days in the bag would be great!


"Our intuition tells us it’s healthy to be near water, many of us flock to the coast for relaxation and recreation.  Now science is demonstrating that the ocean inspires creative thinking, reduces anxiety and even promotes compassionate thinking."   -  Wallace J. NicholsBlue Mind

What's the Documentary about?

5 female surfers from Jersey (UK) together with a Neuroscientist; Dr Tamara Russell explore why
surfing takes over your life. Characters include a SUP(er) mum; Verity Thomas, Surfing champion Arlene Maltman, Yogi and environmentalist Natalie Fox, Longboarder Phoebe Gould as well as the GB Junior Team, Kitty Brewer. They are asked, 'What is the shared motivation that makes us go back, time and time again, irrespective of cold waves, repeated wipe outs, injuries and often relentlessly slow progress with little rewards?".

Why is our film important ?

Women - Women are often overlooked and undervalued. The qualities of the feminine are rarely celebrated and revered in the surfing world. It is important to inspire and to be inspired by the qualities and achievements of girls and women of all ages and backgrounds so that present and future generations have the courage to pursue their dreams.

Mental Health - With more and more pressures placed upon us in our daily lives -  from work, to family, friends and partners, life can become stressful and mental health issues are on the rise. We need to reconnect with our true nature and find ways to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and one another. We hope with our film, we can offer inspiration; insight and reminders as to how we can simplify, de-stress and revitalise our lives


Dr. Tamara Russell is a Neuroscientist, Clinical Psychologist and also a Martial Artist.  She runs the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence in London . She provides insight into what's going on with the mind when out catching waves. Her perspective lends gravitas and a scientific perspective to the emotive, feeling narratives provided by the other characters.

Arlene Maltman is one of the first female british surfing champions and winner of the 1984 British and European Championships. She provides insight into a lifelong journey of surfing. The joys and pains of surfing competitively and the pursuit for those true magical moments in time amongst the waves. 

Phoebe Gould and Kitty Brewer - when we first met Phoebe and Kitty they had lived next door to one another all their lives and were great surfing and skateboarding friends. Kitty was 12 and Phoebe 16. Now 4 years on they are representing Jersey on the WSL (World Surf League). Kitty is also part of the GB Junior Surf team and Phoebe competed in the WSL(World Surf League) Longboarding Pro tour. They both provide a youthful perspective and insight into their surfing experiences.

Verity Thomas - Stand Up Paddle Boarder and a working mum. 

Natalie Fox originally from landlocked Birmingham, UK, started out surfing in Cornwall and then moved to Jersey. She has been a representative for Roxy, She is a surf instructor, yoga teacher and active environmentalist. She brings a very meditative and soulful perspective to the surfing experience.


  • Incredible talent of all ages ranging from legendary competitors to family women. 
  • A neuroscientist with a bubbly personality who adds depth and warmth to a surf film
  • Jersey is a unique location hosting a close knit surfing community
  • Both directors are experienced in the field
    • Bronwyn has been a Natural History documentary editor for 10 years. Working with National Geographic and Discovery amongst others. She has a keen eye for storytelling
    • Chrissie has had 9 years work as a professional photographer, including specialist surf and climbing photography. She is also the founder of MakingWavesGlobal a movement to inspire more girls and women to get into surfing.
  • We're committed to the project


What's the Crowdfunder for ?

The money will go towards the essential production costs. Our focus is on using local Jersey talent who specialise in water and drone videography. It's costly but we need high quality footage; integral to capturing the true spirit of the cast in action. We anticipate the film to be 30 minutes long and therefore need many hours of footage.

We have already commited to this film financially by investing over £3000 pounds of our own money on filming and production as well as purchase of high quality camera equipment specifically for this project.

Thank you for your support !" - Bron and Chrissie


We are so grateful for your donations and support. As a thank you we have partnered up with an array of awesome surf organisations and businesses to offer you something back.  That includes this special print donated by the very talented Maia Walczak

We also have on offer surfing and editing tips, cool limited edition keyrings, postcards signed by our surfers, great surfing adventures and much more. Please check out the 'Donations & Rewards' page to find out more.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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£3 Reward

- MAKING YOUR OWN FILM OR KNOW SOMEONE THAT IS? Undercurrents Editor/Director Bronwyn has 10 years experience editing for channels such as National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Receive a PDF of editing secrets learnt over the years to help you edit your film faster and with bucket loads of emotion.

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10 TOP TIPS on great SURF SPOTS in NORTH & CENTRAL AMERICA. Chrissie has been surfing across California, Hawaii (Oahu & Maui), Mexico, Nicaragua & Costa Rica for the last 2 years. This reward gives you 10 local tips from her travels on great surf spots across North & Central America, types of waves, places to stay, the general vibe and great surf groups to meet up with if you need a surf buddy along the way.

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- KEYRING WITH A GORGEOUS ILLUSTRATION OF A SURF CHICA RIDING THE WAVES Award winning artist Maia Walczak's pictures are magical. Carry this one with you or gift it. Have a look at the picture you'll receive at the bottom of our write up. - A SIGNED POSTCARD FROM US & ONE OF THE LADY SHREDDERS whilst we are on shoot in Jersey

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***INTERESTED IN MINDFULNESS? Our kick arse Neuroscientist / Martial artist / Clinical Psychologist Tamara Russell runs the Mindfulness Centre of Excellence in London. Treat yourself to some of her amazing insights with a signed book of hers!

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A POSTCARD WITH ONE OF THE LADY SHREDDERS AUTOGRAPHS sent from Jersey whilst we are on shoot PLUS AN EXCLUSIVE LINK TO OUR FILM BEFORE IT'S RELEASED And of course - A great big virtual bear hug and a Thank You!

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- A VERY SPECIAL A5 PRINT OF A SURF CHICA ENJOYING THE WAVES from award winning illustrator MAIA WALCZAK. Have a look at the picture you'll receive at the bottom of our write up . THANKS MAIA! maiawalczak.com

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YOUR NAME IN THE CREDITS Plus a POSTCARD WITH ONE OF THE LADY SHREDDERS AUTOGRAPHS sent from Jersey whilst we are on shoot Plus a reel of BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE and BLOOPERS Plus AN EXCLUSIVE LINK TO OUR FILM BEFORE IT'S RELEASED And of course - A great big virtual bear hug and a Thank You!

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45 minute Mindfulness consultation via Skype with Neuroscientist Tamara Russell PLUS an autographed book (#What Is Mindfulness OR Mindfulness in Motion ) PLUS A link to our film a month before it's shown to the public

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DESIGNING THE PERFECT *SURF BUILDING FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Here's a different reward! Get professional advice on creating the best structure for your new or existing surf business* with advice from a Chartered Architect from DMWA Chartered Architects (dmwa.co.uk) Receive ideas, sketches and advice via email or face to face if you're Bristol / South West area. * Don't worry extensions on normal houses and buildings is also accepted!!

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You and 3 buddies get a days personal tutorial in video editing from Undercurrents Editor / Director Bronwyn (10 years experience editing Natural History documentaries and visual storytelling. National Geographic, Discovery amongst others) PLUS A link to our film a month before it's shown to the public

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***ORGANISATION & BUSINESS SPONSORS Are you interested in sponsoring our project? We really believe in this film and are determined to spread its message - so get in there! Get your logo in our film, placed branding, a special thanks in the credits. Or we can chat about how you may like to feature PLUS An exclusive link to our film a month before it's shown to the public

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