UK Mortgage Prisoners Development Project

by Joined Up Think in Exeter, England, United Kingdom


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We are aiming to rebrand and build a resources website/ advice and support service for those who have become mortgage prisoners.

by Joined Up Think in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Who Are Mortgage Prisoners?

In 2008 the worldwide  financial meltdown left many banks on their knees. As a result, hundreds of thousands of customers became trapped in high interest mortgages as their loans were sold off to vulture companies. Companies such as Landmark, NRAM and Whistletree have kept these unwitting customers, or mortgage prisoners, on ridiculous rates. In some cases they have even started asset stripping customers, with no regulation or governmental monitoring. 

It is not just the vulture companies. Even High Street Banks are guilty. With another wave of customer loans about to be sold, the uk will see even more Mortgage prisoners by the end of 2019. This has to stop!

Why is this a problem?

Aside from the moral issue of customers being hung out to dry, when banks and bankers were rewarded for their failings, life as a mortgage prisoner is fraught with issues. Mental health issues, financial worry, stress, anxiety and suicide are all to familiar amongst those affected. 

Who are UK Mortgage prisoners Group? 

UK Mortgage Prisoners group has evolved since a BBC documentary on the issue, produced by the Panorama team in late 2018. As the group has grown, they have taken the fight to the halls of parliament and support from MPs / financial institutions is becoming a reality. 

We are staffed entirely by volunteers. We aim to aid those affected by signposting them to the relevant help and support available to them. Support will include practical financial help, legal representation and advice, administrative support and even a listening ear. We have already helped mortgage prisoners tell their story, find legal support and even overturned a repossession. We can do much more though. 

So whats the plan?

In order to continue to expand the support and advice available to UK Mortgage Prisoners we need to grow our infrastructure. This Crowdfunder is all about growth and organisation. With the money raised we aim to:

Build a professional website 

Put into place a data management system 

Rebrand the groups public image

Subscribe to the necessary channels and services we need to run the group effectively

Develop our partnerships with groups and associations that can help our members

How much is needed?

We need £2500 initially 

This is to reach our main aims of a new website, data management system, brand development and partnership programme. 

What will extra money go towards?

A stretch target will see funding going towards a PR and marketing campaign to recruit and help more UK Mortgage Prisoners. There are over 150,000 out there and that number will grow.

What can I do? 

You can donate a fixed amount of your choice by using the DONATE ONLY button at the top fo the page. 


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