UEW Food Parcel Appeal
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On 28th May 2020 we successfully raised £1,381 with 25 supporters in 28 days

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by United Estates Wythenshawe in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

In the beginning

This charity began in 1972 when we purchased a derelict police station in Wythenshawe in the hope that it could be a base for young unattached adults without family support and together we would find opportunities and activities away from gang culture by providing good experiences towards a better life. This proved very successful indeed and in 1977 a charitable trust was set up – Copperdale Trust to build on this foundation. In 1980 however, we had begun to realise that there was a growing number of young adults who were virtually homeless, sleeping in parks, bus shelters, the airport, etc. It was decided then that we should convert the whole of Copperdale so that we could provide homely and supportive accommodation for young lads and girls. Since this time we have worked hard to expand and keep the ethos of a real home which most of our residents have never experienced. Now we are able to provide accommodation to 10 young people and no-one who comes to us will ever have to feel rejected or unwanted again. We have been fortunate in achieving a high standard thanks to the support of our residents and helpers – and at various times have received awards including a Pride of Britain Award, but the most important part is that we continue to provide this warm and accepting attitude tempered with valuable life skills and we continue to have the joy of seeing young adults fulfil their potential as they move on in their lives. Many of our residents have gone on to be skilled tradesmen or other careers and in this way we feel they enrich the communities in which they now live. 

Expansion time

After supporting his mother, Ann Panks, all his life at Copperdale Trust,  Greg Davis's heart and soul was locked in his community.  In 1996 Greg organised a group of local families to meet and discuss the growing influence of youth street gangs and the increasing incidents of anti-social behaviour on the estate.  It was agreed that something needed to change. Greg invested his own money not only to save a church that he and his family attended but to develop the building into what is today known as United Estates Wythenshawe.  UK’s first Inner City Culture Centre.  23 years later the there is still a church service every Sunday.

What we do

United Estates uses the potentially negative energy of street gang culture and creates pockets of positive community enterprise, owned, led and managed by local people. By uncovering cultural comfort zones to create and develop relevant reference points, the United Estates owns and manages a number of community led enterprises including a professional gymnasium and fitness centre, a sound recording studio, a dance and performing arts centre, Therapy rooms, a community shop and even a small cinema.

We also provide a secure base for a number of locally led enterprises including the world famous Mums Mart, Manchester Urban Collective, Music for Cities, Street Peace Un-Conference, a Fresh Food Co-operative, even a small security company. We have helped develop window cleaning rounds, hair salons, gardening services, car valeter’s, local eateries; market stalls and fitness style Boot Camps in partnership with local people.  We hold a monthly veterans breakfast too.

UEW has supported the local community over the last 23 years.  We have heavily donated food to those in needs across Greater Manchester.  Each year our Christmas food appeal distributed in excess of 30 tons of festive food and cheer to more than 50 hostels, shelters an voluntary agencies across Manchester serving up over 1000 hot meals on Christmas Day alone. 

We donate food daily through our project in Wythenshawe, from little parcels to cooked meals. You never leave our centre empty handed or hungry.

Coronavirus pandemic

As Coronavirus arrived we turn our attention to those worse affected, those living alone, the elderly, the sick, young families and other potentially vulnerable people.  

Everyday we create food parcels and deliver them to people who are feeling frightened or isolated. We are their link with the outside world. We collect their gas and electric top ups, their medication and the much needed necessities.  

We are appealing to anyone who can afford to buy a food parcel at £5. This will contain a mixture of fresh fruit, vegetables, tinned goods, tea, coffee, sanitary products and of course the odd treat or two. 

Similarly if you know someone in the Wythenshawe area who needs our support please don't hesitate to contact us on samantha.uew@gmail.com

£5 - buys a food parcel

£5 - buys food parcel and mobile top up

£15 - buys a food parcel with a gas and electric top up

£20 - buys a food parcel, gas and electric top up with dog food and a treat like a jigsaw, wool or puzzles

£50 - buys 10 food parcels 

£100 - buys 20 food parcels.

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