Two Monkeys - Documentary

by Tyne and Weird in Sunderland, England, United Kingdom


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Two legendary clubs - Two Monkeys. An independent documentary focusing on The Blue Monkey and New Monkey in Sunderland.

by Tyne and Weird in Sunderland, England, United Kingdom

Investigating two of the most infamous clubs to have existed in Sunderland, this independent documentary will shed light on the history and scene of both eras by interviewing those involved and featuring archive footage not currently available online elsewhere!

Hello everyone! 

Thank you for visiting our Crowdfunder. Production has now begun for our next documentary project Two Monkeys which looks into two of Sunderlands' most infamous clubs. By viewing and sharing this Crowdfunder you are helping us reach a wider audience and improve the film! 

About Us. 

We are students at the University of Sunderland with a keen interest in documentary filmmaking. With three core members - Lewis Dodds (Who runs Dodds Film), George Christaki and myself Rob Kilburn (Who runs Tyne and Weird). This is not the first documentary we have collaborated on with previous ones having one multiple awards at festivals. Two Monkeys will be the longest documentary we have created so far allowing us enough time to tell the story in a way that does it justice and doesn't cut any of the juicy bits out. This has been a story we have wanted to tell, and has needed telling, for a long time however we wanted to wait until we had improved our skills and capabilities so as to make it the best possible film it can be. Now having formed a strong team with very skilled people, and a deep pool of talent we can draw on, we are now confident we can tell the story we know you want to hear. 

You can check out our last film as well as our other films on the channel here.

The Film Itself.

So far the response we have had to announcing this film has been unbelievable, from being mentioned in different news articles like here and here, to having many people getting in touch to tell us their stories. We need your help to make this film the best it can be!

Touching on what came before the Blue Monkey/NewMonkey and following it through their rise and demise. We will speak to prominent people involved, staff and "those who know". From our appeals we have uncovered different pieces of archive footage not currently available to the public anywhere else which we are looking forward to sharing with you. We are currently in the process of meeting people and filming interviews as well as organising the footage we have collected from multiple sources and getting it changed over to an appropriate format. 

Our end goal is have created a quality documentary and to upload the film online for everyone to be able to enjoy and view at any time they like for free.

We Need Your Help.

Currently we have collected over 24 hours of additional footage that is on VHS from sources around the North East a great deal of which is not currently available online with leads on other bits of footage still to go. Travelling to different locations around the North East multiple times a week and getting all of the archive we have collected, and will continue to collect, transferred to an appropriate format is incurring a number of costs that we need help with. The funding will allow us to continue travelling to different locations and collect as much largely unseen footage to share with you as we possibly can for our film which will continue all the way to the films release and possibly beyond. Funding will also allow us to rent any additional equipment, hire venues if necessary, work with additional crew (potentially including animation for scenes we have no access to) and promote the documentary as well as any other additional opportunities which arise.

What We Will Offer In Return.

Any donation you can offer to this film will help make it the best possible version it can be and we really appreciate any contribution towards it.

- Behind the scenes Instagram

By donating £5.00 you will receive access to our behind the scenes Instagram getting a sneak peak at the documentary while it's in production, pictures of the shoots and clips from the footage we have recorded which will be updated regularly. 

- The Credits

By donating £10.00 your name will be shown in the credits of final documentary!

- The Raffle

We are offering the chance to win a framed set of original Blue Monkey flyers to anyone who chooses the option to donate over £15.00 to the Crowdfunder. Alongside this we also have a few smaller flyers from more recent clubs to send out and your name will also appear in the credits!

- DVD Copy of the Film

As well as receiving the rewards mentioned above you will also receive a DVD copy of the film to keep!

- Goal Number One

We know you want to see the archive we have collected in its full glory which is why when we reach our goal of £750.00 we will create a second distribution platform and upload the full videos to it for you to enjoy. 

- Goal Number Two 

If we hit our second goal of £1,000.00 we will upload longer interviews for to the same Youtube Channel from those featured in the documentary.

- Goal Number Three

If we hit the goal of £1,500.00 we will host a private screening of the documentary which will include some parts of our collected archive giving you a chance to get an early look at what's in store!

Thank You

From liking and sharing our Crowdfunder to donating any help you can offer makes the difference when it comes to making this documentary the best possible film it can be. Your support is invaluable and we hope we can bring back lots of great memories to everyone who watches it as well as shed some light on why these clubs hold legendary status years after their closure.

Feel free to drop us an email with any questions:


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Support the documentary!

Thank you for supporting the project. All funding helps towards making the documentary the best it can be!

£5 or more

Access to behind the scenes Instagram

You will get access to the behind the scenes Instagram which features photos of the documentary as we work on it and a first look at some of the clips. Please include your Instagram handle in the notes

£10 or more

Be a part of the film!

You've contributed towards making this documentary the best it can be. Your name will be mentioned in a special thanks section of the credits when it is released online!

£15 or more

Rave history raffle!

All of the above! Thank you for supporting the documentary as well as getting your name in the credits you will also be entered into a prize draw to win a framed set of original Blue Monkey flyers.

£25 or more

DVD of the film + All of the above!

You will receive a DVD copy of the documentary once the film is completed as well as all of the above rewards!

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