Bringing a Trojan Horse to BP's Troy exhibition

by BP or not BP? in London, England, United Kingdom


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Help us bring a Trojan Horse to the British Museum's Troy exhibition, to kick out the dirty oil sponsor BP!

by BP or not BP? in London, England, United Kingdom

Help us lay siege to the British Museum with a Trojan Horse!

This November, the British Museum will launch a major new exhibition, sponsored by the oil giant BP.

We are in the middle of a climate emergency. The British Museum’s Director and Trustees claim to care about this, but continue to support and promote BP - one of the corporations most responsible for the crisis.

The Royal Shakespeare Company has just committed to dropping BP as a sponsor and now it is time for the British Museum to do so too.  

November’s BP-sponsored exhibition is called Troy: Myth and Reality. This is horribly appropriate:  BP is using this exhibition as a Trojan Horse to hide its pollution, corruption and political lobbying. BP’s sponsorship may look like a gift, but death and destruction are lurking inside.

Help us build a giant BP-themed Trojan Horse, and other surprises, to expose the reality of the museum’s dirty sponsor

Just 75 miles from the site of ancient Troy, BP recently completed an enormous gas pipeline in partnership with the repressive Turkish government, locking us into using more fossil fuels when we need to be urgently ditching them.

Arts sponsorship is also BP’s Achilles heel. Polls show that most frontline staff at the British Museum want its deal with BP to end, along with at least half of Londoners. If we can kick BP out of the museum, we’ll deal a significant blow to the oil giant, reducing its power and influence at this crucial moment in the climate struggle.

BP: the brand that launched a thousand protests 

We’re an activist theatre group who use rebel performance to challenge the power of the fossil fuel industry. We've kicked BP out of the Royal Shakespeare Company and now the spotlight is on the British Museum.

When the BP-sponsored Troy exhibition opens, we’re planning to bring hundreds of people to create the biggest mass performance ever inside the museum.

With your help, we also want to bring a Trojan Horse.

We’ve previously smuggled a Viking longship, an oil rig and a 40-foot sea monster into the museum. With your help, we want to do something even bigger and better to show the British Museum that this issue is not going away.

Help us reduce BP’s power and influence, with bold and creative people-powered action 

We’re a group of volunteers who work on a shoestring. If we want to pull off something big and bold enough to get the museum to stop supporting BP, then we’re going to need your help.

You can:

* Chip into the crowdfunder to help make this action happen
* Join us to take action inside the museum itself on Saturday November 23rd – fill in this form and we'll send you more details* . There will also be more info on our website and a Facebook event very soon.

It's time for the Fall of BP - help us make it happen!

If we raise £5000, that will cover the materials, time and expertise to build a giant prop/artwork, along with other special surprise props; it will also pay for all the other action expenses, such as meeting rooms, rehearsal spaces, costumes, printing, film-making and getting people to the action (especially people directly affected by BP’s activities and by climate change, whose voices we want to hear).

If we raise more than £5000, then the extra money will go towards:

-          Future protest performances and creative actions in 2019/2020 to kick the oil industry out of arts and culture. We’ll need to keep up the pressure on the British Museum, and challenge oil sponsorship of other spaces such as the National Portrait Gallery, Royal Opera House and Science Museum

-          We will also donate 5% of any extra we raise to some of our frontline partners who are standing up against BP’s pollution and corruption around the world

* It's fine to use a disposable email address on this form if you don't want to share your main one, but please remember to check it regularly for updates about the action!


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Genuine prop

A genuine prop as used in one of our previous rebel performances. Comes with documentation showing how it was made and used. Options include a handmade Shakespearean ruff, a piece of Viking costume, a Victorian bonnet, and more to be announced. Strictly limited, first come first served!

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