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by Children's Sailing Trust in Garras, England, United Kingdom


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We're determined to make Trevassack Lake as accessible and welcoming to all as possible.

by Children's Sailing Trust in Garras, England, United Kingdom

The most exciting and first fully-accessible watersports centre and accommodation in England is coming to the Lizard Peninsula this summer. 

Trevassack Lake will revolutionise the ability for hundreds of families to try new watersports, sit with a coffee, spend time together and just get outdoors on the water all year-round in Cornwall.  

Why we're crowdfunding

Shipping costs and delays, the pandemic and uncertainty in many sectors have put prices up for equipment. Even with the incredible support of suppliers and donors, our budget is being stretched beyond what we can afford. 

To put it simply, prices have shot up, but so has our ambition. 

We’re determined that the accommodation and watersports facilities on offer at Trevassack Lake is as excellent and accessible as it can be. From hoists that help people get in the water alongside their friends for sailing, to shower stools and star projectors for children with sensory issues, we want to make a difference for as many people as possible. 1624543570_copy_of_%E2%80%9Cwhen_you%E2%80%99re_sailing,_you_feel_more_outgoing._you%E2%80%99re_free._you_can_make_decisions_for_yourself.%E2%80%9D_chloe_(2).png


Why we do what we do

Cornwall is an incredible place, where so many of us enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, sailing, kayaking and generally being outside trying new challenges with friends. But for many, this just isn’t possible. Provision for those with disabilities is low – from finding days out as a family where everyone can try activities, to ensuring adequate toilet facilities and parking, it can be very challenging to find somewhere that caters for everyone.

It's why Children's Sailing Trust are so determined to make Trevassack Lake a place for one and all. Having run free and discounted sessions on the Helford River for thousands of local primary and SEND school children since 1997, this next chapter allows us to do even more, all year-round. 


Trevassack Lake is a place where the community can come together, families can spend time trying out watersports and visitors can holiday in accessible environments. It's a space for both able-bodied people and those with disabilities to experience the innumerable benefits of watersports, exercise, time in nature and being together on their physical wellbeing and mental health.



Anyone who has family members or friends with disabilities will know how costs for even essential assistive equipment can soon skyrocket. From wheelchairs to adapted vehicles, caring assistance and technological equipment, the costs add up. It can often make it incredibly difficult for many to even get out regularly on a day trip or try new activities, let alone go away on holiday.

The whole site at Trevassack is specially created to help families like this feel able to get away again. From the landscaping to the Changing Places toilet, tailored activities on site and much more, accessibility and ease of use has been incorporated everywhere. And with staycations more popular than ever, we’re determined to ensure that those who would most benefit from this accommodation are able to leave their worries at home. We want to help provide as much as possible to make it that bit smoother for people to take local day trips and holidays all together as a family and have their accessibility needs met.


What we’re asking for 

Our incredible supporters have got us so far on this journey to transforming Trevassack Quarry into a space for all to enjoy. Set to open in summer 2021, we need help to make it all that we know it can be, and to allow us to cater for as many additional needs as possible. 

By crowdfunding £20,000, we can buy specialist equipment that allows children and adults with a range of physical disabilities and learning difficulties to enjoy their day out or holiday together to the fullest. 

Contributions made could help us buy items ranging from electric profiling beds that support people with physical disabilities and reduce pressure on their carers, to beach wheelchairs to help get people in the water for kayaking or swimming. Any further donations and investment will help us cover further unexpected costs and ensure we can make Trevassack Lake as welcoming, safe, inclusive and generally fantastic as we can.  

We’re offering some unique rewards and use of Trevassack Lake for our generous supporters who help us reach our goal this summer.



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