TRANSITIONS: Ice-Water-Cloud

by Gennadiy V. Ivanov in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

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This is an exciting expedition and an art project, adventure of a lifetime, the fusion of science and art.

by Gennadiy V. Ivanov in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

It will be an integrated multi-participant exhibition which will include videos, paintings, multi-material (and some dynamic) sculptures, photographs, sound, light, performance (dance, theatre, music, song, etc) – in an attempt to mirror the inter-connected multi-variable, multi-dimensional nature of climate change, the Earth System and the two-way impact on societies.

A Project by Gennadiy Ivanov in inter-disciplinary collaboration with Professors Trevor Davies and John Pomeroy.

The aim of my project.

David Attenborough: “The collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of our natural world are on the horizon”.

There are 12 years left to save the world! Climate Change scientists need help to get the message out.

My Expedition.

I am the Norwich artist Gennadiy Ivanov and I am passionate about climate change!

This spring, thanks to Global Water Futures, I have a great opportunity to go on an expedition to Arctic Canada!

I will spend a month living and working with scientists as they research Climate change. I will see ice, snow, glaziers, water and clouds. I will be able to paint, sketch, photograph and record them.

I will bring all my inspirations back to Norfolk and share them with people. 

This is a great opportunity for me to apply what I’ve learned so far about climate change, develop my skills and experience a totally different nature, culture and way of life as a scientist.


Image: Collapsing moraine channel- The Canadian Centre for Water Forecasting and Prediction at the University of Saskatchewan

Looking for logistical support of the expedition.

I have been invited by Professors Pomeroy and Davies to join them on fieldwork during the snowmelt season this spring at three experimental locations in Canada in: the boreal forest; the Rocky Mountains; Wolf Creek near Whitehorse, Yukon.

How can YOU help?

I am raising £1,500 to support the costs of mounting my expedition, to ensure I stay safe, achieve my art goals, and make a difference. Even a small contribution will go a long way towards:

The equipment I need to paint, draw, sketch, record video, sound, take photographs.

Travel costs to get me there and stay safe.

I’ve got some great rewards available! Once you’ve donated, please share my project on Facebook, and follow me for pics and updates as I head out on my art expedition in March-April!


My Objectives

I going to pick up practical knowledge from the climate scientists team, who have been studying and growing new businesses in difficult circumstances.

Now, I am producing on an iconic symbol of the Earth System’s vulnerability to climate change; the polar bear. My first paintings have elicited an invitation to exhibit them in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and a provisional invitation to observe this autumn – to help develop my stylization of them – as they await the build-up of the (diminishing) sea ice in Hudson Bay.


'On Iceberg'. From the series 'Polar bear' ,oil on canvas, 100x100 cm. Painting by Gennadiy Ivanov. 

Art Policy Objectives

The workshops, exhibitions and lectures are scheduled to take place in the Forum in Norwich. This building is used by people from all ages and backgrounds and attracts an estimated 5000 visitors each day.

The workshops will be booked by Young Norfolk Arts Trust CIC who will ensure that there are access is open to all and inclusive

This proposed project is intended to seed future artistic work. The expedition funders Global Water Research will be evaluating the artistic response to the expedition that they have funded, based in part on these workshops and exhibition, with a view to funding further work in Norwich, Norfolk and beyond. Norfolk is renounced as a World leader in the science of Climate Change and it is the chance for Norfolk to build a reputation for the art of Climate Change.


'Sacrifice'. From the series 'Polar bear' ,oil on canvas, 100x100 cm. Painting by Gennadiy Ivanov.

Study Norfolk Coastal erosion, mixed media in hessian, 80x80 cm, painting by Gennadiy Ivanov


'The Northern lights'. From the series 'Polar bear' ,oil on canvas, 100x100 cm. Painting by Gennadiy Ivanov.

Boy and the little white bear painting. Work in progress

For more information, follow the link, please:

Further information follows:

We are fly first to Whitehorse Yukon around 7 April.  

We will proceed to Kluane Lake which has dropped by 1.6m recently due to retreating glaciers diverting their melt water elsewhere. 

We might visit Indigenous communities affected along the lake shore if they agree to this. Then we will visit Wolf Creek Research Basin near Whitehorse (by skidoo) for one day. Here we have 25+ years of research on changing climate and hydrology and expanding shrub tundra .

Then we will drive up the Klondike Highway to Dawson City. Evidence of permafrost collapse in Dawson City.

Then we go up Dempster Highway toward Inuvik passing by two research basins, evidence of permafrost collapse, flooding and forest cover change. 

At Inuvik we revisit Havikpak Creek and then we keep driving towards Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic coast. 

The road now cuts through Trail Valley Creek and we can say hello to those still in the tent camp there. 

Around 15 April, we fly from Inuvik to Calgary and the visit the Coldwater Lab in Canmore, Marmot Creek in Kananaskis Country and the Athabasca Glacier in Jasper National Park, passing by what is left of Peyto Glacier in Banff National Park. 

We then fly to Saskatoon on 19 April and then on 23 April to Quebec City, where we visit local researchers in Quebec to find out about climate change impacts in eastern Canada.

Thanks to everyone who pledged some money already. Looking forward to a great art study climate expedition. 

Online book with my new paintings and ideas:

If you would like to see it, please,follow the link :

Привет всем.

Я в своей мастерской. 8 лет я в ней работаю. Я люблю свою студию. Здесь родилось много идей для моих четырех больших проектов.

Сейчас я начинаю новый проект. Он называется ‘Transitions’-перевоплощение : ‘Ice-water-cloud’.

Проект готовится и проводится в кооперации с профессорами климатологами Trevor Davies and John Pomeroy. 

Этот проект –это прекрестие науки и искусства. Проект будет основан на достоверных фактах, документах, видео и фотографиях об изменении климата. 

Это проект о нашем будущем.

Проект о жизни полярных животных таких, как иконы северного полюса-полярных медведях. Из-за таяния льдов полярные медведи находятся на грани исчезновения. Таяние снега и льда угрожает нашим городам и странам.

В этом году будут две экспедиции в арктическую Канаду. После этих экспедиций я буду работать над проектами выставок по всему миру.

Пожалуйста, поддержите меня в моем проекте! 

С вашей помощью мы сможем рассказать миру и людям больше и доступно посредством визуального искусства о проблемах изменения климата.

Прошу вас, Сделайте благотворительный взнос! 

Сделаем мир лучше, светлее и чище вместе!



Gena Ivanov email:

Gennadiy V. Ivanov Norwich Studio Art Gallery +44(0)1603-492093 / UK


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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A Polar Bear poster

TRANSITIONS-Globetrotter. Great Thanks! It's because of you that I am able to go on this expedition - and I'll send you one of my signed limited edition print from original painting!

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Canadian Landscape Postcard

TRANSITIONS Adventurer Cheers! Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see how far we go together. And I'll let you know it, in a personalised postcard during the trip!

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TRANSITIONS Ambient music by Edwin Pope.

TRANSITIONS Observer! Enjoy the ambient music for relaxation and healing by British musician Edwin Pope: Calming Music - Winter Scenes - Relaxation, Meditation, Study, Reading. We will send to you 5 musical compositions: Cold Choir', 'Just a Mere Moment', 'Snow Whales', 'The Ice Melts The Hardest', 'Winter blooms'. This music is incredibly peaceful and dreamy, something that you would want to lose yourself in.

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A Polar Bear Limited Edition Mug

TRANSITIONS Explorer. Brilliant! Stay tuned for a short film about expedition, Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see how far we go together and keep warm yourself with a nice Polar Bear mug of hot tea.

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Canada original landscape pastel drawing sketch.

TRANSITIONS Mountaineer - Pastel drawing sketch. You're on my team now, and you're going to have a memorabilia about trip! Let me know which my awesome drawing you would like to have to remember our expedition! Drop me email and I will send you some optional images for choose.

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Canada original landscape oil painting study.

Another TRANSITIONS Mountaineer - Canadian landscape oil painting study or sketch. You're Amazing! You're on my team now, and you're going to have a big memorabilia about trip! Let me know which my awesome oil painting about Canada you would like to have for remember our expedition! Drop me email and I will send you some optional images for choose.

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