Trans Atlantic Solo Row

Trans Atlantic Solo Row

A fantastic chance to become part of a great way to raise funds for mental health charities in the UK by rowing solo across the Atlantic.

We did it!

On 28th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £1,180 with 39 supporters in 56 days

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Stu Morton I’m a former Royal Marines Commando and in January 2018 I will be rowing the atlantic from Portugal to Venezuela raising money for the Jonny Wilkinson Foundation (JWF) and Rock 2 Recovery. The two charities focus on helping people with Mental Health conditions.

The route is over 3,800 miles and will take me between 60 and 100 days to complete. I will be doing the row solo, I’m a former Royal Marine and I believe its incredibly important to constantly push ourselves and challenge ourselves as often as we can.

I feel like my time in the Royal Marines was the biggest test I’ve had so far both mentally and physically and it was good few years ago now so I want to test myself again. I also want to show that even though some of us suffer from head and mental issues after traumatic experiences it doesn’t mean that we are weak minded and unable to push ourselves mentally.

I aim to be the fastest solo rower across the route which I have selected  the boat has already been ordered and any money left over after the project expenses will go directly to the charities  

I'm funding the row myself and through this project so that when I raise money for the charities they will have all the money that will be raised. 

During the training and the row itself I will making a video blog to capture all the ups and downs of planning and completing this challenge. 

The money will be used to buy the boat and all the components and equipment needed for the row as well as the shipping costs for getting the project from the UK to the start line in Portugal. On completion of the row the boat will be used by Operation Viking which is a UK based project that will offer ocean rowing challenges to former servicemen and women who are strugglling with any mental or physical injury or with the transition from the military back into civilian life  

I hope you share my enthusiasm for this project and become a part of it.

thank you


The Jonny Wilkinson Foundation actively supports those within the community who need help with depression.

Every year many people will be affected by mental health issues either directly or through someone they know. Providing practical help and support is at the heart of what the Jonny Wilkinson Foundation does as they believe that no one should have to struggle alone. Their mission is to enable social participation within communities to tackle concerns together, in order to inspire individuals, influence prejudice and promote awareness and understanding


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