Toki Rapa Nui Global Support Campaign

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Project by Toki Rapa Nui

Toki Rapa Nui Global Support Campaign

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Project by Toki Rapa Nui


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Covid-19 has wiped out Easter Island's income. Please support Toki’s work to sustain the culture & environment of the Navel of the World.

New stretch target

£12,720 = the cost of Toki’s holistic education for 10 students covered for an entire year!

The better Toki can resource its School of Music and the Arts, the greater the empowerment of a new generation.

The wider Toki's reach on the island of Rapa Nui, the stronger the outlook for an indigenous culture on the brink of extinction.

And the sooner our planet's most isolated island can achieve self-sustainability, the sooner it becomes a model of change for the rest of the world.

Please watch the video above (in English and Spanish) for the full story and an international collaborative music performance.

The island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, ranks first in the UN's Isolation Index. Annexed by Chile in 1888, the island's indigenous culture was suppressed for over a century. Toki Rapa Nui was founded in 2012 to revive, protect and promote the ancestral legacy of the island.

Toki's work falls under three main pillars:

  • The Rapa Nui School of Music and the Arts

Over 100 young people receive subsidised tuition in traditional Rapanui and western classical music, as well as ancestral art forms including dance, song and body painting. Toki's school empowers a new generation of Rapanui leaders on the island.

  • Cultural revival of Rapanui language and traditions

Today, fewer than 1 in 5 Rapanui people speak their indigenous language. Toki is leading the way in saving this indigenous culture from extinction.

  • Environmentally sustainable construction and agriculture

Toki is the driving force behind the island's mission to become one of the first 100% environmentally sustainable communities in the world. Its building is an Earthship constructed using natural and recycled materials and is the first self-sustainable music school in Latin America and Oceania. Toki grows food organically on its land and leads projects to educate others in sustainable practices.

1595272485_dance_rehearsal_inside_low_res_edited.jpg80% of Rapa Nui's income is from tourism. During the Covid-19 pandemic, funds intended for Toki have had to be diverted. Funding Toki's work is a challenge during 'normal' times; the organisation's current situation is especially precarious.

It costs $1700 USD per year for one child to receive Toki's holistic education. Please share our video or this page if you believe in the importance of Toki's work, and donate what you can to join Toki's Global Support Network. We have a limited number of exclusive rewards at a range of donation levels.

1595423003_toki_logo.jpg1595422830_glp_logo_vector.pngThe Toki Rapa Nui Global Support Campaign is in association with the Global Leaders Program. Please watch the video for more details.

Thank you/Maururu!


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