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by Manchester Union Brewery in Manchester, England, United Kingdom



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We lost 100% of our income overnight due to Covid19. To move our production from keg to can we’re launching ‘Together we CAN'

by Manchester Union Brewery in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

To begin with we will be sending our beer to a specialist canning facility to fill them but if we hit our stretch target funding we will use it to put the deposit down for our own in-house canning machine. Having our own machine will help us lower our retail price even further which will allow us to offer 4 pack cans to off-licenses and retailers at a competitive price. It will also allow us to be able to explore export markets in Europe and further afield. With our canning machine we will need to employ one more person and this will be from the local area.


Hello Lager Lovers

Manchester Union Brewery is a small craft lager brewery and Manchester's first and only dedicated craft lager brewery located in Ardwick.

We use traditional central European lager brewing techniques with a modern twist to create a unique local lager. The way we brew creates a bold silky mouth feel with a touch of caramel sweetness followed swiftly with a hugely refreshing, dry and bitter finish from the central European hops. Less than 0.5% of UK breweries brew lager the way we do but many of the most revered central European breweries do and we believe it makes a much better and fuller beer.

Co-founders - Jamie Scahill, Ian Johnson & Will Evans

Earlier this year we celebrated our 1st birthday and everything was going great for us, we had just reached full brewing capacity for the first time, everything we brewed was sold, and our lager was available in over 30 bars and restaurants in Manchester as well as in our own taproom. Our strategy from the start was keg-only in and around Manchester, we wanted to work with the best bars we could to help build the brand in Manchester with the plan to put it into bottles or cans further down the line.

We need your help

On the 20th March our world was turned upside down when all pubs and restaurants were ordered to close due to Covid-19. This meant we lost 100% of our income overnight. We had two choices, we either sit it out and hope we survive or we completely change our keg only strategy and move into cans. 

After exploring all options, fully printed cans bought in bulk gives us the best solution to deliver our beer into homes, off-licenses and online stores at the highest quality and at the best price. We have adapted our business model to make a ‘can only’ income work for us indefinitely so we can work through the current situation for as long as it is here. 

This is where we need your help. ‘Together we CAN’ will kick start our journey to having our lager in cans with the end goal of buying our own canning machine. This is a pay it forward campaign, we will use your advance purchase to place the bulk orders necessary to make this work in the short term while we await installation of our canning machine. We are aiming to get our first batch of cans out to your home in July.

Not only will you get your lager and any other rewards but everybody who supports the campaign will also be entitled to 10% discount on our online shop for life.

Manchester Union Brewery. Together we CAN.

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