To Zurich with love

by Patrycja Wojciechowska in Zürich

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To raise funds for pay fees for my Master's degree program in Curating and subsequently establishment of practice focused on social context.

by Patrycja Wojciechowska in Zürich

Dear All,

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My name is Patrycja Wojciechowska and I would like to ask for your support in raising funds for the fees for my Master's degree. On 05.07, just 4 days after submission of my application, I have been accepted to Master Advanced Studies in Curating at University of Arts in Zurich, Switzerland. The course is simply amazing and great opportunity to progress within the field.

I was initially drawn to Swiss courses because of their world–wide reputation for excellent education standards and groundbreaking research, along with extensive state support for the arts and the vibrant art scene. My final decision was influenced by the programme’s comprehensive, praxis oriented histructure reflecting my understanding of contemporary curating, as a discipline inherently collaborative, an interdisciplinary activity. I was genuinely impressed by the inquisitive approach and content of modules, quality of talks and events programme and the truly impressive list of partners and visiting professionals. The sense of independence and collaboration is in harmony with my principles and my understanding of curatorial practice.

I would like to work on freelance basis and collaborate with institutions from this relatively independent position. I will look to establish a practice that responds to the needs of marginalized locations, communities, identities, audiences and artists. I also believe that in today’s world, art and the way it can provoke new ideas, new thinking and ways to reach out, becomes more important than ever. Finally, I would like to analyse issues of increasing privatization of museums and art institutions and the dangers to their independence as a result. My ambition is to develop projects in context and to participate in broad sociopolitical discourses. I would like to create experiences meaningful to a public subjected to  an unprecedented and ever-increasing amount of data. I am particularly interested in projects and shows developed from the beginning with artists, where the exhibition is a result of an ongoing dialogue. I am interested in practice, which deals with open-ended, process-based projects, where exhibition is seen as research, experiment and a form of social interaction.  I have started to think about curating as a result of developments within my artistic practice and once that interest has been initiated, I am becoming more and more assured how much I want to move in this direction.

I was originally planning to pay the fees ( or at least first year) with the personal loan which now, unfortunately fell through. The course is abroad, which makes me ineligible for student loan.

Luckily, I don't need to relocate immediately, so if I could pay initial fees, I would have more time to figure out the rest. But I need to start. And very soon.  At the moment I find myself with less than 2 months to pay the fee and out of options. I have tried to find other solution for my problem, but nothing worked so far. I have until 02.09. to pay for the first semester (4500 CHF) . As Switzerland requires demonstration of sufficient funds to grant permanent residence, I still will have 21,500 CHF to secure later. I have set my target with initial costs of travel ( as I won't be able to relocate immediately )  and fluctuations in exchange rate in mind.


The full breakdown of costs I am facing is: 4x4500=18.000 CHF MA fees and 21.500 CHF to present upon permanent residence application. I added 3x1250 CHF estimated as monthly costs of living and studying as I won't be able to move immediately and will have to travel at the beginning between UK and Switzerland.


Please help me not to lose the place I have worked towards through most of my professional life.

I don't have many living close relatives and my auntie ( the last living sister of my father) while being super supportive and encouraging, simply does not have resources to help me.  I am used to rely on myself and not having to ask for help, but I simply can't do it alone. So I humbly ask for your help. My situation is pressing as I need to make first payment in less than 2 months. I am willing to work as much as I can to be able to take of the rest of the expenses on my own. I am fundraising just to start. 


Your donation will do so much. I can start my studies, start to work on securing the rest of necessary funds and relocation procedure. And consequently establish practice I strongly believe can contribute  to exhibition- making discipline in a meaningful way.

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I have included short  practice statement and examples of my work, along with description of my career plans. I believe that I can establish practice which benefits the public and enriches experience of art. I have decided to add examples of my earlier work and drawings, which I treat as a form of visual research, from my current project to the rewards section to make sponsorship more personal and to involve my supporters. Each of rewards is straight from the heart. Even a simple drawing, an immediate sketch is meant with full gratitude and respect for the person who made a gesture.

I appreciate your support very much. 

Thank you all again.

Patrycja Wojciechowska

                                                                                                    PRACTICE STATEMENT

I am looking into establishing a dual practice, which deals on equal terms with art production and exhibition-making. I want projects to grow one out of another in a manner comparable to an organic growth.

I intend the practice and exhibitions to be nomadic, temporary and fluid. Always moving, creating and taking place in in-between spaces, establishing islands of new archipelago across the globe.

I want to deal with blurring the boundaries, making trails and liminal states.

Exhibition-making becomes a research, a form of an experiment with an open-ended, unpredictable structure, and a social interaction.

I aim for an exhibition to be inseparable from the process of its development and creation of artworks and the viewer’s experience.

                                                                               STRATA AND TOUT-MONDE PROJECTS

Projects Strata and Tout-Monde I mention in rewards section, are my curatorial initiatives. They both at the preparation stage and by choosing them as reward option, you immediately become a part of the project. I see this not only as support, but active patronage and the expression of interests in values and notions addressed in both projects.

                                                                                            TOUT-MONDE PROJECT 

Tout-Monde is a twin exhibition online structured around mapping, crossing the boundaries and replacement of the ownership with free passage.

Indexing the land.

Cataloguing the world.

Creation of endless trail.


I find it quite pleasant to pass from one atmosphere to another through crossing a border. We need to put an end to the idea of border that defends and prevents. Borders must be permeable; they must not be weapons against migration or immigration processes.

Edouard Glissant in One World in Relation

Tout-Monde is an attempt to break politics of exclusion, to give possibility to the refused.

It is a project about making trail, about the possibility and hope given by journey. By a simple act of choosing one’s route.

It is about changing a meaning of map-making, where power and claim of the ownership is being replaced by endless possibility.

Routes are to grow organically across the globe, paths are being made, branching out, criss-crossing and end just to start all over again.

It is about search for the place, a dream of change and destination, a siren’s song, a call to go for the horizon and the refusal to be stopped. It is my homage to the ones in journey and refusal to accept exclusion, closed borders and fear of intolerance.

I invite you to participate and create this archive of journey that never ends, where all the places are important, and where one can get anywhere.

Journey that never was.

Journey that always is.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Handwritten letter

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Tout-Monde project passport

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Strata drawings

You will receive pen on paper drawing from ongoing series "Strata", personalized "Thank you" message and practice newsletter subscription. Images of works from series are available on my Facebook and Instagram account.

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Strata Manifesto

You will receive handwritten and signed Strata Manifesto, pen on paper drawing connected to the series and newsletter documenting development of the project.

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Bodyscapes works on paper

You will receive a work on paper from ongoing series Bodyscapes, newsletter with curatorial notes and personalized "Thank you " note. Images of works from series are available on my Facebook page and Instagram account.

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You will receive watercolor either from Bodyscapes series or Ariadne artist book, newsletter and personalized "Thank you" note.

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Orchid painting

You will receive a small oil on canvas painting from Orchid series. Images of works are available on my Facebook page.

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Oil painting

You will receive an example of my earlier work (oil on canvas) and access to curatorial notes, an diary of research threads and the project's development process including documentation of visual works created in connection with it, and a signed exhibition proposal. Images of works are available on my Facebook page. Your name will be listed in dissertation. Series: Work, Urban myth, Following footsteps

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