Above Adventure Climbing & Bouldering Centre

To build a Climbing and Bouldering centre in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, which offers indoor rock climbing and bouldering for all ages.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 12:05am 29th October 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 12:05am 29th October 2018


Project aim

To build a State-Of-The-Art Climbing and Bouldering centre in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, which offers indoor rock climbing for all ages and abilities, including disabled and Para-climbing for the community.

You can view more about the project at our website: aboveadventure.co.uk

About the project

Over the last three years, Above Adventure has supported young people and adults to improve their physical and mental health through rock climbing so that they can improve their well-being, confidence and self-esteem. Through our work, we've seen the phenomenal health benefits of rock climbing and we think everyone should have access to that!4870e8a0a94c4ce327635c1ee0ab047354ca5751

As a charity and social enterprise, the profits from the centre will enable us to offer and invest in our communities throughout the West Coast of Scotland.

Our charity has been setup so that it is good for the communities that it's in. Above Adventure have identified the perfect building for our project, we are looking to convert a currently disused church, just off Kilmarnock, main street  into a state of the art indoor climbing centre covering the West Coast of Scotland , complete with a large bouldering room, roped climbing, a cafe, a training room and a multi pitched climbing area within the steeple. It will be the perfect place to come along and have a go at climbing if you haven't before, or to enjoyable day out or try something new.

The Climbing Centre will be home to bouldering and climbing walls catering for absolute beginners and advanced climbers alike.  

  • Bouldering is low level climbing without the use of ropes with walls surrounded by thick crash mats. 
  • Climbing is climbing with the use of ropes and with a partner who is the belayer or climbing on your own using an auto belay.
  • Each wall has a different 'problem' (a series of climbing holds that form a route to the top of the wall). Climbers then use their strength, problem solving skills, and technique to get to the top.
  •  No two routes are the same.

This fantastic sport has seen a massive rise in popularity due to the fact it's now an Olympic sport and it’s extremely accessible, sociable, and most importantly... it's fun!



This climbing centre project has been under development for the last three years, and a lot of planning, fund raising and hard graft has been done in that time. The £30,000 we're asking for won't be enough to finish the project, but it will help us on the road to opening phase 1 the bouldering half of the centre in 2019 - allowing us to generate consistent revenue in order to fund the main church conversion, provide a base for outdoor sports in the area and to continue funding the good work undertaken by the charity.

“The Above Adventure Climbing project is a truly exciting and unique prospect for Ayrshire and the climbing community in the West Coast of Scotland. Having a new indoor activity for all ages and abilities open all year round would be a huge benefit to everyone. Why are we  crowd funding because we truly believe that our communities  be it local or outdoor should  have a chance to be part of the history of our project, we’ve put together some fantastic rewards too so as well as a fantastic new climbing centre in town, everyone will get something back for supporting us.”


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