Tidal Change

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Tidal Change

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Project by Aaron Cook


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To create a mental health documentary series, with episode 1 based in the South West of the UK.

Everyone can relate to life’s struggles. ‘Tidal Change’ encourages people and communities to openly discuss these issues, feeling comfortable talking with others and engaging with the outdoors, which can positively free the mind.

We will be interviewing the people and organisations that are available for anyone needing a space or a place for healing and support. The driving force of the series are the filmmakers, vulnerably sharing their mental health experiences with on-camera thoughts as the documentary evolves.

Director of Photography, Aaron Cook works with core Cinematographers, Max Franco and Samuel Rich, with a support network of other cameramen in the South West.

1613822825_screenshot_2021-02-20_at_11.38.47.pngAaron Cook has experience working for the BBC, having shot a natural history documentary called, 'A year in the Wild Wood with Peter Owen Jones' 2019. He has worked with the military, police, high profile sports teams and luxury brands, amongst others. Visit his website here: Aaron website

1613823716_screenshot_2021-02-20_at_12.21.46.pngSamuel Rich has worked with non-profits caring for vulnerable families and children around the world, including directing and shooting 'Lost Kites' 2016. Visit his website here: Sam website

Max Franco is heav1613823790_max.jpgily involved in working with his community. His passion for filmmaking shines through to anyone who has a chat with him. His warmth and life experience makes him a valuable team member.

1613900063_abby.jpgAbby Stewart is a Surf Instructor and a Support Worker for the Salvation Army. Her life experience and openness to talk about the benefits of the water, including water therapy is inspiring.

'For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it's always ourselves we find in the sea'' E.E. Cummings

Episode 1.  We begin the Tidal Change journey by exploring the culture around the sea in the South West, with an emphasis on mental health and surfing. As the filmmakers share their own experiences, we explore a ripple effect in the power of vulnerability and openness. Being themselves filmed in a behind the scenes style format.

Financial Donations

By donating, you can help get this project shown on as many screens as possible. With your help, we can show there are ways to improve and cope with life’s struggles. Financing this project, you are playing your part showing the accessibility of help and support.

Costs to help cover include:

Voice over artist - Filming permissions - Camera professional day rates - Camera kit hire - Music licensing and tracks - Marketing - Storage for rushes and back-ups - Fuel

One of our key messages:

You don't have to be alone or sit in silence.

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