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Millions of children, teens, & adults worldwide are struggling with their mental health - we are here to support them and those around them!

by The Lily-Jo Project in Stockport, England, United Kingdom

Founded in 2016 by UK-based pop singer, songwriter, and qualified counsellor, Lily-Jo, The Lily-Jo Project is a platform devoted to eliminating the stigma of mental health through music, digital resources, and community engagement. 

The Problems We Face

1 in 5 people have suicidal thoughts, 1 in 14 people self-harm, and 1 in 15 people attempt suicide.* 

We believe that this is far too many.

Here are a few key underlying problems:

  • 75% with a mental health condition start developing it before 18.*
  • Teachers and parents lack quality mental health resources.
  • Support services are overwhelmed, have long wait times, and require a referral.*
  • Existing mental health curriculum does not resonate with kids and teens.

*Sources: Mind, MFHA England, MQ: Transforming Mental Health

Our Work


Over the past 5 years, we have seen first-hand the need for comprehensive, culture-changing mental health support that educates, inspires, and prevents underlying mental health concerns from reaching a crisis point. 

Through our online and offline work, we provide:

  • A mix of paid and unpaid consistent digital resources in the form of our self-help resource, online learning platform, podcasts, blog articles, and videos.
  • A way to connect with people through the power of music.
  • An in-person experience (when possible) through gigs and live workshops, enabling us to engage with the community and develop real-world relationships.

With over 10 years of clinical experience in the mental health sector, Lily-Jo and The Lily-Jo Project team are proud to create resources that are high-energy, relatable, and founded in clinical expertise.

Our Impact

Since 2016, we have had the privilege of reaching over 250,000 students, teachers, and individuals of all ages through our in-person events, self-help website, learning platform, and social media channels.  

You can read more about our impact and the specific projects we’re working on in our latest Annual Report here.

We Can’t Do it Alone!

We want to be inside even more schools, homes, and community centres next year… but we can’t do it alone! We need YOU to help us:

  • Raise awareness about the mental health struggles our world is facing.
  • Lift up and share the resources we provide at The Lily-Jo Project.
  • Support our ongoing work through donations.

Just 10K in funds would help us to:

  • Give access to our learning platform to more students and teachers worldwide. 
  • Create even more engaging and relevant mental health resources tailored for children, teens, and adults.
  • Allow our team to focus on this work full time. 

We are so grateful for your support!

Grab Some Merch!

Alongside our 5th anniversary celebration, we've also created some fun merch items! 


All proceeds from the sale of these items will go to support the continuing work of The Lily-Jo Project. To purchase, visit our shop here

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