The Plight of The Yoga Shack

by Emma Turnbull in Chelmsford, England, United Kingdom

The Plight of The Yoga Shack
We did it
On 24th July 2018 we successfully raised £2,382 with 68 supporters in 56 days

I am raising funds to help us refurbish a space to open a new yoga studio after the closure of my beloved Yoga Shack.

by Emma Turnbull in Chelmsford, England, United Kingdom

In 2009 I had a vision of creating a dedicated space for yoga, after teaching in various locations for years, I knew that for both myself and my students, to have a space that was only used for yoga, that was stocked with all you need for a class, that was ready and set up for yoga when you arrived and…..was clean, quiet,  warm and comfortable, not only enhanced the practice, but, through continued use the place itself would build up its own sacred energy.

So, with much personal financial investment and much physical hard work by myself, Ian and extended family we literally built this space from the ground up in my back garden.



The Yoga Shack was born and has evolved and grown over 9 years.


The Yoga Shack became my pride and joy and is a much-loved space by the many students who have entered, practiced and contributed to the energy within her walls. It has been more than a building, the community that has built up around The Yoga Shack has been beautiful and humbling to be a part of.

Sadly, heartbreakingly for me, due to a complaint from an unknown party,  I am no longer able to continue teaching from this space. (please note I followed due process when building The Yoga Shack so never thought this could happen).

After many, many tears and even more phone calls to planning, to Maldon District Council, discussions with solicitors and architects, it was clear to me that I had to find a new location.

This in itself looked like a dead end, the cost of renting venues seemed too high or local venues would not offer the same conditions, but then…….. through many synchronicities I found a space that would fit the bill! This space is still local to Mayland, which for those who walk to class is essential, the rent isn’t extortionate, it’s not too big or too small and will offer the opportunity for so much more than I could offer from The Yoga Shack. The Yoga Shack could now become a true Yoga Studio – with toilets, a separate room for shoes, coats and storage which will also be an area to sit and enjoy a herbal tea or two, and the main studio that could have a max of 15 students – larger than the Shack but still small enough to be intimate.

However, the space needs considerable work to be ready to use, Ian and I are not afraid of this hard work and are ready to roll up our sleeves, don our overalls and get it done. However, our personal funds are not enough, but I knew that other studios had received funding to help with this and again after hours and hours of phone calls, weeks of internet searching and applying for funding I once again exhausted all avenues for funding.

So that left me at yet another dead end,  until a few people suggested crowd funding. 

My immediate response was  “no, I wouldn't feel comfortable asking for money”. I mean, crowdfunding for worthy charities and causes is admirable and something I myself often support,  but even though my intention is for the space to be for the community,  this is essentially my business, it's personal and it seemed unfair to me to ask for support from others.

But after much soul searching, here I am, humbly asking, if you wold like to support me and the only way I can feel good about doing this is to offer you something in return – you can of course simply donate ‘just because’ or you can donate for a reward.

What is the cash for?

We are willing to put all of our personal savings into the business, but it simply isn’t enough.  We don’t have any investors as we don’t want the quality to be compromised in any way, and we want to keep it that way.

We do however, want our studio to look and feel as amazing as the services we will be providing, we’d like to recreate The Yoga Shack, so we're looking for extra cash to turn this...


To something more like this.....


Money will go towards new flooring, lighting,  heating and air conditioning, decorating, shelving units, plus extra stock of bolsters, blocks, mats, eye pillows etc so students will have everything they need.

We estimate we will need £2,700 but if more is raised before the floor is laid we could even add in underfloor heating too!

We thank for your kind and generous pledges and we look forward to welcoming you at  the all new Yoga Studio.

All of our rewards can be given as gifts too.

If the rewards on offer aren’t for you, maybe you are not local or not into yoga and ayurveda, thats fine, you can still support us  (really every single pound is massively appreciated) using the ‘Just because....’ options.

Om Shanti



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Just because...

A big heartfelt thank you from me! You may not want any of the rewards on offer but you'd still like to support me.

£10 or more

An audio Yoga Nidra

A huge heartfelt thank you from me and an mp3 audio yoga nidra recording to enjoy at home.

£15 or more

Just because.....

A big heartfelt thank you from me! You may not want any of the rewards on offer but you'd still like to support me.

£20 or more

Just because.....

A big heartfelt thank you from me! You may not want any of the rewards on offer but you'd still like to support me.

£30 or more

An online Yoga class

A huge heartfelt thank you from me and I will email you an hour long online yoga class video led by me for you to keep and practice with at home.

£50 or more

An Ayurvedic Consultation

A huge heartfelt thank you from me plus a 1 hr Ayurvedic Consultation with me where you will receive pulse and tongue diagnosis to identify your individual constitution and then suggestions on how to achieve balance through diet, lifestyle, herbs and yoga practices.

£150 or more

1 of 10 claimed

The Yoga and Ayurveda Package

A huge heartfelt thank you from me plus you can book a three month package with me which will consist of: An initial Ayurveda consultation (90 mins) plus 2 60 min follow up 1-1 yoga sessions (to be used in a 3 month period with appointments held at the Studio only) Valid from September 1st 2018 - September 1st 2019

£50 or more

1 of 1 claimed

A handmade personal Mala by Magical Malas

A big heartfelt thank you from me and one lucky person will receive a handmade personal Mala by Samatha Marks of Magical Malas

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