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by The Wishing Tree Therapy Centre in Napton, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 5th November 2018 we successfully raised £930 with 19 supporters in 28 days

Our aim is to raise enough money to create a Therapy Centre in nature, to honour the life our beloved Alexandra, daughter, mother and sister

by The Wishing Tree Therapy Centre in Napton, England, United Kingdom


Alexandra with her daughters, kiting in July 2016. 


Her youngest at her mum’s memorial Apple Tree (planted August 2017) in July 2018


Approximately 12 months ago, after several years battling a brain tumour, our beloved Alexandra lost her fight, leaving behind two beautiful daughters, three sisters and myself, her mother. The tragedy of her death has deeply marked us, but beyond this, she left us with an idea that continues to inspire us. 

Alexandra was retired from her career as nurse in genetic research due to her illness. Similarly to myself, she was also trying to move from nursing, to train as a homeopath. Together, we shared a powerful desire to understand how the  physical body, and our instinctive feelings work together. The dream she entrusted us with, was to unify these approaches to health in a sanctuary or haven: a place where body and soul can be nurtured. 

She lived for six years with her illness, and throughout almost all of that time, she maintained excellent function. One of the things she would have really benefited from was time to herself, to explore how she was feeling and to just relax, perhaps we could offer this. 

Her deep interest around health and healing were very important to her. She not only worked in the field, but was also an organ donor after her death. As a result of this commitment, we have been invited to accept an Award from the NHS and The Order of St John on her behalf. 

The Aim:

Our aim is to raise enough money to create a memorial following Alexandra’s wish, and help us get a new life started that honours how she lived. This would take the form of a holistic therapeutic centre, providing education, rest and treatment for those in need, as well as a peaceful place for friends and families to be together. As the centre grows, every effort will be made to provide low cost spaces in the form of bursaries for those who’s financial resources are limited. 

The Retreat:

This will be a supported retreat in as many ways as possible focusing on health, problem solving and helping people to realise the importance of just being themselves. Counselling sessions/treatments would be available as required. This will take the form of yurts that would be simply but comfortably furnished with wood-burner, a two burner gas stove, isolated from noise and pollution because of their location. The site would also provide a fire pit to gather round in the evenings, so music, guitars, singing and story telling with a glass of wine or beer or lemonade will round off the weekends.


Treatment regimes:

These will be available according to the needs of the client, but mostly based in complementary holistic treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy, herbalism, massage and counselling. 

The Courses 

Having worked in the area for many years running courses, I eventually wrote a book to be used as a template for courses, focused upon the exploration of consciousness involving our core needs. 

These courses will examine how we use our own creative ability spontaneously through healing, dreams, intuition and coincidence. The use of practical exercises, both on one to one, and at group level will be provided. Focusing on perception, such as telepathy, coincidence and instinct, will help to develop a clearer understanding of these untapped areas of consciousness are used. Participants would learn to:

1) Understand how important their instincts are. 

2) Realise how powerful the interpretation of events can be, especially as we act according to these beliefs. 

3) Recognise how our beliefs and mental well-being influence our physical health, and how this shows up in our reality.

This novel approach uses the joy of learning through confidence building, especially for those who have experienced troubled times. It is designed to cater for people of all ages, including families. Having already run courses of this nature in the past I know how useful, interesting and beneficial they can be. 

As the centre becomes established other courses, on herbalism, homeopathic first aid, yoga and personal welfare would also be offered. 

Future Plans - The Haven – Alexandra’s Wish

❖To continue running the above mentioned courses, preferably in the same location as the holistic centre. 

❖To set up consultation rooms for different health disciplines, such as homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, conventional medicine and healing, where individuals who are properly qualified can practice.

❖To provide the right atmosphere for a retreat centre, healing and resting space during treatment is of first importance. If these spaces can be well designed and multifaceted, they can also be used by other groups or hired out as required.

❖To provide accommodation deeply embedded in nature (i.e. yurts, log cabins, etc.) in an undisturbed location, where individuals can regain their sense of peace. 

The project has local and national application, for those who require treatment/support using the natural environment and complementary medicine, as well as for individuals who want to understand more about how their instincts can be used to improve their own lives. This is about the person you are, the things you need and the things you want to achieve through healing your own life. 

To bring Alexandra’s wishes to life, support in any form would be very deeply appreciated. Money, of course would help bring the project to fruition. If by any amazing chance, someone could perhaps volunteer a set of run down buildings with services, located around the Oxfordshire borders, or usable land which would allow us to start to deliver these services as soon as possible, our prayers, and Alexandra’s ideas could come into reality. 

In keeping with her ideas we fully intend to look for staff that will have had relevant life experience, possibly coping with disabilities themselves or in recovery from illness. 

None of this could happen without the help of well meaning individuals who are serious about good health in their family and personal relationships. We should all have the opportunity to function at our best.

Thank you for reading this far, you to can attach your dreams to Alexandra’s Wishing Tree so her donations and wishes will be not alone.


Alexandra’s Organ Donor Award

Go Well and in Good Health

Kathy Stranks  

My Background

Originally I trained as a nurse, I then married and brought up four children. My interest in mental and physical health and our instinctive processes, have always held a vital role in my approach to health.

Having qualified in Devon as a classical homeopath twenty years ago, I followed that with a joint degree and MA in psychology, philosophy and neurology. I have had links with cutting edge scientific research into homeopathy, attempting to discover the basis of homeopathic action, eventually allow practitioners and medics alike greater understanding of the underlying processes from a biochemical point of view. 

My studies and research in Parapsychology have meant I have been called upon to deal with a variety of situations relating to psychic events because of many years hands on experience.

This culminated in a book on how and why we have these instincts; "The Silent Impulse - A study in Consciousness and Time - The Space Between" which took ten years to complete. 

Alexandra was excited and fascinated by the research behind the book, but heartbreakingly, did not live to see it published. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£200 or more

Engraved Glass Plaque with you name + centre na

Personal copy of Engraved Coloured glass plaques with your name and centre name

£100 or more

Book based award: Psychic Readings, I Ching,

Apart from being a homeopath I have 40 years experience in parapsychology resulting in my book THE SILENT IMPULSE - A STUDY IN CONSCIOUSNESS AND TIME. As a result of this experience and research I will happily offer Psychic Readings and I Ching consultations for donations over £100. These will need to be by appointment. My website has all my contact details and would be the best option. Best wishes Kathy

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