The Unthanks - Please Keep Us Ticking!

by The Unthanks in Corbridge, England, United Kingdom



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All our shows are cancelled or postponed for now, so here is bunch of rarities and special items for you to buy and keep us ticking over!

by The Unthanks in Corbridge, England, United Kingdom

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As a self employed band, we're careful with money because the cost of recording, producing, product designing, manufacturing and marketing can cost upwards of £40k, even for a modest release, upfront, before a penny comes in. So we save up to bring you music, but the loss of income from cancelled shows means we are in danger of spending the budget for our next record on basic survival.  We're a five piece band with seven children between us, so even decent chunks of earnings, put away for forthcoming releases, can slip away quickly! Help us make sure we can get through this time without draining our resources, so that we can continue to make music for you! 30% of donations on top of reward sales, will be donated to domestic abuse charity Refuge. If you are buying rewards from overseas, please add a donation to cover postage costs, thanks.

Our first thought, when we realised that all shows would need to be postponed, was to support venues. So we asked venues to keep any money they could hold on to, through the generosity of ticket buyers willing to wave their refunds to support the arts. We waved any cut of that, because we believe it's vital that venues have cash now, to stay alive, so there will still be places to play when this is all over! We've also committed to rescheduling shows when its safe to do so, and have promised anyone who donated their ticket cost to the venue, that they can have a free album from our merch stall at the rescheduled show. This isn't virtue signalling. It's just another way to motivate people to donate to venues now, by offering to reward them later.

Part of that plan to prioritise the plight of venues, was to look after ourselves by raiding our archives and setting up this sale of rarities! We hope this sale offers you the chance to help us in return for something special.

With every purchase, we'll also send you a signed photo and two Magpie "One's For Sorrow / Two's For Joy postcards.

If you can afford a little extra to donate, as well as buy something, we will send 30% of your donation to the domestic abuse charity, Refuge. Please only do so if you can afford to.

As well as needing to feed and cloth the seven children we have between five band members (plus we are planning to support our sound engineer who lost work with us through cancellations), we have another financial predicament. We are looking forward to spending this period of cancellations and isolation, making the follow up to Mount The Air - a BBC Folk Album of the Year. If all our funds are wiped out by basic survival over the next 6 months however, we will not have the money to finance, manufacture and market our next record, all of which, for an independent artist, must be paid for upfront. Plus, until we can afford to do that, there will no new album to tour, so our live earnings will be compromised too, until there is a new album to tour!

Check out what we have for sale below!

All items below include: postage and packaging, a signed photo and two Magpie "One's For Sorrow / Two's For Joy" Postcards designed by Natalie Rae Reid.

Note, the Crowdfunder page will only let you buy one 'reward' at a time, but its fine to make several purchases if you want to buy more than one item!

PLEASE NOTE: Postage is included, but if you are buying from overseas, please consider adding a donation amount to cover the extra. THANKYOU!

* Note that some of the items above were originally only available as part of the Memory Box. The extra items here are overrun stock. The Memory Box was a limited edition of 1500 copies. Each individual item was printed, and in some cases, we received as many as 100 overrun copies, and with others, as few as five. We have held on to this overrun stock, because it seemed a shame to dispose of them, while at the same time, we were duty bound to keep the Memory Box limited. This seems like a good time to send the overrun stock to good homes, both to raise funds at this time, and also because the imminent loss of our studio and store space means that we are forced to downsize! Each item will be stamped with the buyer's initials to distinguish items from those belonging to Memory Box owners.

** The 18 additional Memory Boxes have been created partly from overrun stock and partly from 'return to sender' unknown address type issues with the original limited 1500. Each box will be ink-stamped with the buyer's initial to distinguish these boxes from the original 1500.

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