The Ultimate Triathlon

A 2000 kilometre 12 day Swim, Cycle, and Run from Morocco to Monaco. Never has this feat been attempted, but with your help, it soon will!

We did it!

On 14th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £4,640 with 65 supporters in 49 days

I love a challenge. I also love sharing my crazy experiences and the knowledge I stumble across during my adventures. That’s what life is all about for me...


In October of this year, I will swim, cycle and run 2,000 kilometres from Morocco to Monaco, solo, in just 12 days. The whole event will be streamed live online and via social media – by sharing this journey so closely I want to spread this simple mantra that nothing is impossible, and to inspire people worldwide to live their dreams, whatever they may be, now!

But to do this, I need your help.   

I need to raise £6,000 to realise this massive goal and to send the inspiration shockwave rocketing around the world. Be part of something incredible and support an ordinary bloke with a crazy dream as it’s filmed and turned into an epic documentary, bidding to galvanise ordinary folks everywhere to live their dreams.



The Challenge

The Ultimate Triathlon is a solo swim, cycle, and run starting from the northern tip of Africa and up through Europe – from Morocco to Monaco covering 2,000 kilometres in just 12 days.

To put the distances involved into context, this is like:


Swimming: 400 laps in a 50 metre swimming pool

Cycling: the entire length of Great Britain

Running: 2 marathons a day, for 7 days….

Yes, in 12 days!

There will be no days off, no fellow competitors to share my pain with, just me, on a mission while fighting inner demons to complete a genuinely epic endurance challenge.


So I won’t get lonely, I want you to come along; the event will be streamed live and interactive through video chats, social media and audio broadcasts daily. Scientists will poke, prod and track how my body is coping with the physical demands.

Fizzeek Media will capture this experience on film.

All the sweat, tears, physiological, and psychological challenges I’ll face will be available to watch from the comfort of your favourite chair.

My pain and misery will be your entertainment and – I hope – your inspiration.



Who is this bloke?

In a former life, I was a soccer player plying my trade in Australia, the US and Belgium.

Then, at the age of 28, I was forced to hang up my boots. I had endured three painful years of debilitating injuries including a major back trauma, three serious surgeries, and battled with deep seeded depression - my body & mind were broken...

With all my will, and determination I set out on a new challenge, “the toughest footrace on earth”, the The Marathon des Sables; a notorious 150-mile running race across the Sahara desert.

With just six months training, I made the finish line and found my new passion in the process: endurance, adventure, and inspiring others to live their live’s, just as I was mine.

Since then I have ran down Mount Everest, spent time in a Chinese forest running for survival, and completed The Double Brutal Extreme Triathlon as my first ever triathlon. My comfort zone has well and truly been stretched more than I could ever have imagined in the past few years, but the 2,000 kilometre Ultimate Triathlon will no doubt take my mind and body to another level…


What I have learnt about endurance sports, overcoming obstacles, achieving goals, and life in general during these past few years has been enlightening to say the least; it’s now time to share this knowledge with you all…




Luke Tyburski is a unique character!

His achievements as an endurance athlete challenge what most of us consider impossible.

Events like the Marathon de Sables are stretch goals for very experienced athletes but for Luke it’s just another multi-day run.

The Ultimate Triathlon is on another level, I can’t wait to watch it unfold, live on my computer.”

Graham Ross - Kusaga Athletic



Help me help others, while helping yourself

It goes without saying the amount of time, energy, and cash that’s needed to create something of this magnitude.

I have been working tirelessly to get myself ready for this physical and mentally challenging journey for over three years now, spending countless hours in search of sponsorship, and the kit needed to get this show (literally) on the road; well it’s nearly GO time!

To bring this event to life, I need help. Any pledge, big or small will go directly to keeping me fuelled, safe, and in one piece over the 12 days, while creating a viewing experience like no other, and an online atmosphere so every single follower will feel like they’re with me for each stroke, pedal, and step!


The Adventure. The Travel. The Challenge.


"If I can inspire a handful of people to do something they've always dreamt of doing, but never have; then The Ultimate Triathlon will be a success!"





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