The Tyro - Short

by Mery Bernabei in Gosport, England, United Kingdom

The Tyro - Short


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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for the arts, theatre and film industry so we are fighting back!

by Mery Bernabei in Gosport, England, United Kingdom




Director/Writer: Rami Hilmi Producer: Mery Bernabei

Executive Producer: Tomasz Jurgielewicz

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for the arts, theatre and film industry, which is going to make it very challenging for small film productions like us to carry on with filming. 

Given the current situation, we thought to avoid any risk and focus in the production of a short that could allow us to maintain social distancing at any time so that the safety of our cast and crew can be guaranteed.

‘The Tyro’, a 25 minutes short, was filmed the first week of September, and to minimise any risk of COVID-19 infection and disruption to the production, we decided to keep the number of cast and crew to a minimum. We invited only the core crew to join for the shooting and the cast will be kept to only two actors from the local area.

Rami Hilmi (The Director) took the challenge to act and direct this short so the Team will be safe throughout the filming.

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Everest has been granted a shot at the title, facing the ultimate Champion, which is a position he was aiming to gain for sometime. Since this is a reality now, he realises he's missing the main ingredient if he is to face this deadly champion: mastering the fighting art and techniques of the traditional discipline needed in order to be a worthy competitor. After a long consideration, Orson, a retired Master, takes Everest under his wing on a revealing journey to understand the true essence of the fighting art. Through hard training, sweat and tears, a new fire is lit up in Everest’s heart.

LOCATION: Where we will be filming..

1580798646_lee.jpgLee-on-the-Solent is a gorgeous seaside ward within the Borough of Gosport in Hampshire, England, about five miles (8 km) west of Portsmouth. The area is located on the coast of the Solent. It is primarily a residential area, with an upsurge of mostly local visitors in summer, but is well known as the former home to the Royal Naval Air Station HMS Daedalus (renamed as HMS Ariel from 1959 to 1965).

Chums Productions & All You Can Eat Films Ltd is a proud member of Lee Business Association. We Love Lee!

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Rami Hilmi as Everest Flint Guthrie (The Tyro)

David Cradduck as Orson Constantine (The Trainer)

V. Williams as ‘The Sting’ (The Champion)

Rudy Barrow as Lex Lynx / Commentator #1 (V.O.)

Jason Impey as Fred / Commentator #2 (V.O.)


Jason Impey – Director of Photography

Rainy Rixon – 1st AD


1594647183_rami-2011-july-portraits_0840_co.jpgRami Hilmi will be directing and acting in this short comedy. Rami's vision of the character, Everest, is more than just an act. Rami is 'The Tyro'. He knows how hard it is to train and master a discipline that has been handed down through generations. He is a fighter and not a quitter. He never gives up and he is ready to take the challenge to the next level.


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