The Tropical Duchess Product Development Campaign

Ashyra Bristol profile

Project by Ashyra Bristol

The Tropical Duchess Product Development Campaign

Ashyra Bristol profile

Project by Ashyra Bristol


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I need your Support to take my Tropical, Exotic, Inclusive & Vegan, Beauty Brand from Concept to Development, Production & Marketing stages.


The Tropical Duchess is the Beauty and  stylish guide to being the best version of you. 

My mission is to educate, motivate and create a modern lifestyle, for everyone to achieve. I want to share my exciting journey to empower my voice and inspire and reach out to consumers from all backgrounds and colours of life.

My Collection is a natural vegan and cruelty free beauty brand. It will be a beautiful, inclusive, bold, luxury and exotic collection to empower feminine energy. 

My beauty collection will be sold online with my transactional website and supported with a huge social media campaign and a lifestyle blog.


The Tropical Duchess is a Black Owned British Start Up Beauty Brand. I am ambitious and probably ahead of my time, and so my lessons and tips are to be heard and not waisted. The mission of the tropical duchess is to prove just that.

From a business perspective the overall aims of my brand is to produce good revenue, maximise growth potential, build a strong management team, create job opportunities and practice good corporate governance.

My website is a destination for living a happy and modern life. Welcome. My real name is Ashyra…pronounced A-shy-ra, (my nickname is Shyra). I am based in the U.K., and have a Caribbean heritage that I am very proud of.


I want my brand to be inclusive and interactive. I want to share my expert Beauty knowledge and tips and offer every face and body non-toxic beauty alternatives, healthy natural ingredients from all over the globe as well as budget friendly and splurge worthy products to suit every budget.


My Brand was created for the fashionista’s, fitness fanatics, adventurers, the travellers, holistic healers, the foodies, glam goddesses and everyone in between.



The Tropical Duchess Team, are creating a natural vegan and cruelty free beauty brand; like my website it is inclusive and interactive and it has been the greatest adventure creating innovative formulas, design and packaging to suit this new beauty brand. I have chosen natural and luxury ingredients from around the world to help plump and nourish lips for my liquid lipstick and lipgloss. For example my formula includes coconut oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, Acerola Cherry, Kalahari Melon, Papaya, Fig and much much more.


We are creating a natural volumising, long lasting and moisturising liquid lipstick (in silk, matte, high gloss and high gloss glitter), a matching gel lip liner and a quick dry gel nail polish across nearly 100 different shades and to suit all skin tones.

As well as lush skin care collection that includes specific skin types for a skin detox, radiant glow and to mature gracefully. The skincare collection includes blueberry, CBD oil, goji berries for moisture, stretch marks, youthfulness and much more.


My favourite products are the tropical mix of colours for my makeup brushes, hair brushes, makeup bags and a time out Bath Time Gift Package.

Tools and Accessories Designed by The Tropical Duchess:


Skin Care Designed by The Tropical Duchess:


Hair Care Designed by The Tropical Duchess:


Makeup Designed by The Tropical Duchess:


I’m bursting with pride and excitement and can not wait for you to see it. I hope you’ll love it as much as i do.



Being a natural and cruelty free brand is essential to success in beauty moving forward. All my formulas have been selected with passion and enthusiasm and all contain superfood ingredients with functional benefits. It’s important for beauty consumers to have access to the right information and know where to recycle old packaging, the benefits of using clean formulas and sustainable packaging and materials. This supports Safeguarding our health and the planet, taking responsibility to Reduce environmental impact and avoiding negative effect on Nature and science.



A huge focus is the importance of launching a successful media campaign, email campaign and networking with beauty editors and influencers, understanding digital consumers habits, creating an attractive shopping experience online; as well as creating initiatives that are authentic and community minded such as giveaways and encouraging followers to tag their friends and followers. 

My brand is a challenger brand and therefore my team and I must create initiatives that are authentic and community- minded for those seeking their tribe. This can be achieved by sharing powerful messages and imagery and asking consumers what their views are on beauty. Building a strong connection by sharing a modern lifestyle, and inspiring consumers.

Technology is advancing rapidly and developing an exciting shopping experience for my brand by also including Augmented reality and Vegan biotechnology.

The products I have created for my brand give me that confidence to feel better, healthier and more beautiful. This is why I support a healthy beauty regime to feel and look my best. If it makes me feel better, I’m all for it.



Team Tropical Duchess carried out a survey with over 100 respondents. When asked what their views are on the media portraying unrealistic standards of beauty 10% agreed they knew how to protect themselves from the dark side of social media, 10% agreed the media encourages men and women into battling identity issues, mental health issues and body dysmorphia and 14% agreed the media is a false world of idealism.

On the flip side 9% agreed the media has created a whole new world meaning jobs, community, Empowerment & education, and being visually artistic, a whopping 30% agreed that most people use social media, However celebrities, influencers, models and brands use social media to sell themselves by creating an image of perfection, followed by another whopping 27% agreeing that it’s impossible to to avoid a multitude of perfectly toned beauties, flat stomachs, plump breasts, long legs and perfectly rounded butts.

In one way, the digital age has opened us up to another world, created jobs we never knew could exist and connecting people from around the world.



What about Beauty & Body Positivity? We need to love ourselves and know we are beautiful. Everyone deserves self-love and self-care and my beauty brand motivates and educates consumers on expert advice for self love and self care. 

My website is a platform for women of all shapes, colours and sizes to come together to support each other and show that beauty comes in endless forms.

The discussion of Beauty is a timeless topic that is evolving and therefore until we get this right, we all need to understand what beauty means, is the message of beauty clear to us all?

Beauty is about being beautiful inside and out; being authentic; being original; having quirks and embracing them. Being happy, confident and healthy is my definition of “beauty.” Because these traits are what makes us attractive. I will continue to use my voice and to embrace and share what Beauty Means to me because standards of beauty are changing  for the better.

There are people out everywhere talking about the different forms of beauty; all in an effort to empower women with their own unique power of being female!



The Tropical Duchess is a small team, meaning myself and a handful of freelancers who have been directed by myself to create a beauty  brand and website on all things beauty and lifestyle. 

As a team, extensive research has been carried out on the professional shopping experience. we search retail, online, celebrity advice, skincare specialists, makeup artists and designers to find and analyse the best of the best products for a healthy and modern life.

We have passion and enthusiasm for what we do in selecting the best products and services for ourselves, our readers and consumers to be able to create a brand full of potentially market leading beauty products.



Background. In 2020, whilst at home during the global pandemic Ashyra Bristol founded the company and partnered with Ital Cosmetics, an Italian beauty manufacturing company based in Milan and began developing a gorgeous cruelty free beauty product collection. 

The company's first product Superfood Cosmetic Kits, a liquid lipstick, a matching lip liner and matching Gel Nail Polish is due to launch in October 2021.

The product has a tropical theme and products include colour cosmetics, skin care, hair care and beauty tools. Business plans for the near future include brand collaborations, product launches and partnerships.


June 2020

During lockdown Ashyra Bristol attended almost every free online webinar available on coaching, relationships and starting a business. She came across an American affiliate marketing website. She joined and learned to how to set up her very own website and blog. 

July 2020

She came up with the name of her business and wrote over 100 articles on beauty, secret beauty tips from celebrities, which toxic ingredients to look out for and the superfoods that are nourishing for your face, body, hair and nails.

August 2020

She spent months networking with beauty suppliers  and was eventually advised to contact HCP Packaging who were more than happy to work with her on bringing her vision to life. Since working with them she continued to work with other suppliers to expand her product range into make up bags, makeup brushes, skin care and hair care products. 

September 2020

She has been working with nearly 20 suppliers from all over the globe to create and develop lipstick, lip gloss, face cream, blueberry body scrub, maturing gracefully moisturisers, bath time gift packages and much more, to include superfood ingredients inspired by exotic fruits grown in the Caribbean.

October 2020

Product development with suppliers continues. As the branding of The Tropical Duchess, supported by various design teams and well researched and tested formulas continue to progress. 

November 2020

Fundraising to cover development costs begins.


In return for your support in helping us reach our funding target, we are offering our favourite products and branded merchandise.

£10 - How to Become an Influencer Ebook:


£10 - Set of 2 Glass Coffee Mugs:


£20 - Blueberry Body Scrub:


£20 - Banana Face Mask:


£20 - Watermelon Body Lotion:


£20 - Coconut Moisturising Cream:


£20 - Grape Seed Face Scrub:


£22 - The Tropical Duchess Book Tote Bag


£25 - How to Become an Influencer Ebook and Blueberry Body Scrub


£25 - Tropical Handwritten Print Unisex T-shirt


£25 - The Tropical Duchess Square Scarf


£30 - Tropical Handwritten Print Poncho


£30 - The Tropical Duchess Sliders


£36 - The Duo: Coconut Moisturising Cream and Grapeseed Face Scrub


£40 - The Tropical Duchess Book Tote Bag  Watermelon Body Lotion:


£50 - The Tropical Duchess Book Tote Bag and The Tropical Duchess Square Scarf:


£60 - The Tropical Duchess Pyjamas Set:

£85 - The Set: Five Superfood Skincare Products:


£100 - Luxury Package - Tote Bag + Scarf + Handwritten t-shirt + Poncho + Blueberry Face Scrub:



We are hoping to start production in April 2021 and deliver the rewards in June 2021.

We can deliver worldwide, so please enter a UK address when you select your rewards and then drop us a message with the actual address of where you would like the product posted to. 


Your Support is Greatly Appreciated. Please help to spread the word by sharing our campaign with friends, family and colleagues.

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