The Renew 'Listen to Britain' Tour

by James Torrance in London, Greater London, England

We did it
On 26th March 2018 we successfully raised £17,170 with 282 supporters in 35 days

The Renew nationwide tour to engage people around the UK in finding solutions to the problems in our country, both locally and nationally

by James Torrance in London, Greater London, England

New stretch target

Thank you so much from the Renew Team for all your support. We have reached our target of £15,000 to raise funds for our Listening Tour of Britain.  We now have a little more  time to secure some more donations.

 All the pledges we have received are now safe and will help us with our plans to seek the views of the people of this country. We have set a stretch target of £20,000 so do please keep the donations coming! All pledges made will come to us now that we have achieved our first target. THANK YOU - please help us to Renew Britain.


Renew, the UK’s most credible new political party,  launches first wave of ‘Listen to Britain’ campaign 

Renew officially launched the first wave of its ambitious ‘listening tour’ of Britain in London on 19 February 2018, aimed at stimulating a new national dialogue to address the country’s political crisis. The campaign will involve the distribution of surveys by Renew candidates and supporters to thousands of people to understand what’s broken in Britain and what gives people hope. It will also be distributed on social media.

For us the first step will be to listen

We want to raise £15,000 to help fund the continuation of our listening tour around the whole of the UK in order to engage with different groups and regions on what really matters to them. This will include meeting with community groups, outreach to students, public events, debates, and of a national survey on people’s priorities for the future. 

We believe in restoring integrity to politics, combating extremism, and ensuring equality for all.

The listening campaign will also include debates at universities, schools and colleges, and visits to all UK regions including coastal towns, rural villages and big cities. People will be asked about Renew’s agenda on ways to revitalise their areas, protect the environment, create more educational and job opportunities, boost strained public services and support business, technological innovation and local economies. The party has already received hundreds of proposals on key issues. Findings from the tour will feed into policy making. Information will be shared publicly through regular reports.

If we can raise a minimum of £15,000 this will allow us to engage more people, get more views aired and have a more constructive conversation, for example:

  • £50 allows us to collect survey responses from 250 people
  • £150 allows the Renew team to spend a day holding discussions in your area
  • £1,000 will enable us to host a full weekend of events, including discussions with community groups, market stalls and doorstep conversations

So far we have been to:  Durham,  Oxford,   Colchester,   Cambridge,  Mansfield,   York,  Liverpool/Manchester,   Cardiff, St Andrew’s,  Edinburgh, Newcastle,  Sunderland, West Midlands,  Exeter, London – City University

We need funding to visit other areas for example Bath, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Canterbury, Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Reading, Plymouth and Southampton.  And more areas will be planned in due course but will only be possible with your support. Please help us by clicking on the donate button now...thank you!

Rethink Brexit.  Renew Britain.  A new vision for the nation.                     

We intend to be tough on Brexit and tough on the causes of Brexit. We’ll pressure MPs to consider the national interest and put Remain back on the table in a vote on the final EU deal. Meanwhile, we’ll also listen again to people and consider bold measures to help them.

We believe that we need to revolutionise opportunities for all, address people’s grievances, heal social divides and renew people’s faith in British politics.  We are encouraging people to rethink their vote on Brexit, so we can best deliver social change from a position of strength as a full EU member.

The established main parties have lost touch with the British people, many of whom feel politically abandoned and homeless. The UK desperately needs a new party with a new approach, ready to do the hard work of listening to Britain and giving people a genuine voice in politics.

About Renew

Renew is a newly registered political party set up by a group of independent candidates who stood in the June election 2017 on a campaign to Rethink Brexit, Renew Britain. Building on mass disaffection with existing political parties, Renew has enjoyed overwhelming support for its centrist agenda in addressing inequality and driving prosperity from a position of strength as a full EU member. So far, the party has recruited more than 3000 supporters and received 800 candidate applications to be MPs – including from health workers, teachers, economists, public sector workers, retirees, students and working mothers. Renew aims to select 650 candidates to stand in every Parliamentary constituency in any future election and to campaign to Remain in the EU in any vote on the final deal.

Please support this project and make a donation - you can help us to Renew Britain. Thank you.

For more information, visit or get in touch at 

Please note: Renew is registered with the Electoral Commission as a political party in Great Britain. Donations over £500 are subject to permissibility checks as required by legislation.


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