'The Lonely Society' by Common Chorus theatre

by Common Chorus Theatre in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

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To engage people local people in the creation of a new show about the mental and physical health impacts of social isolation and loneliness

by Common Chorus Theatre in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

"Modern life is making us lonelier, and recent research indicates that this may be the next biggest public health issue on par with obesity and substance abuse." - Rebecca Harris, The Independent

For our next project 'The Lonely Society' Common Chorus theatre company are making a new show about the mental health impacts of social isolation and loneliness. To make it we are going to engage around 140 people from West Yorkshire whose lives have been touched by the impacts of social isolation. We already have the the start of a story inspired by the experiences of our friend Gemma Bonham:

'Julia's been forced to stop work. She’s surprised how lonely she is. What’s the point of a life where you don’t take part?

Then one day an oik in a red hoodie and a David Cameron mask reaches through the window and steals her purse. The police say she’s been targeted because she’s a “vulnerable person”. She hates being called that. She offers them more tea all the same. She really, really doesn’t want them to leave.'

The journey to make the show will involve biographical storytelling workshops with people at risk, working with a community script writing team to puts their story at the heart of the project, and a spoken word community performance with our partners Love Arts Festival and InterACT.

Common Chorus use participatory theatre as part of our rigorous approach to understanding the world of the story we are creating. The final nationally touring theatre show will be an entertaining music and storytelling performance that will speak urgently and truthfully about its subject.

For a deeper insight into this project, or for information abut being involved see out web site: 



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Follow the Journey: 2 X Tickets to Preview Events

In February 2019 a large community chorus will perform a spoken word version of the story that we create together for a public audience. In the late Spring / early Summer our professional artist team will preview a theatrical version of the new show at Interplay Theatre. Secure tickets for you and a friend to both of these preview events and follow the journey of the development of the show.

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