The Hunters of Ghost Hall - New Theatre Play

by Tristan Wolfe in Hove, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 9th May 2019 we successfully raised £503 with 11 supporters in 56 days

Help us produce this brand new play debuting in Brighton Fringe 2019. Then take it on tour to London and further.

by Tristan Wolfe in Hove, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We will be able to pay all our actors and crew a decent wage for their time on the play. It will also help out with further essential personal expenses incurred during the full production time from the initial read-throughs, to all the rehearsals and show times. 

We will be able to advertise more extensively, digitally and traditionally. 

We will develop the show further and to take it to more venues across the UK in 2019 and 2020. We are already planning Eastbourne and London in 2019.

The Hunters of Ghost Hall

Stage play by written by Tristan Wolfe and produced by Most Curious Productions

The company

Most Curious Productions return to Brighton Fringe with The Hunters of Ghost Hall. They are dead excited to be back after last year’s successful play, Finding Yourself Offside, a drama about sexuality and prejudice in modern football. 

This year, for a complete change, they have gone for a comedic drama about haunted mansions and ghosts.

Writer and director Tristan Wolfe said, “I am extremely thrilled to bring this play to Brighton Fringe. I have built on the successful experience of writing and directing for last year’s Fringe, and I have one aim, as usual, and that is for people to be theatrically engaged and thoroughly entertained. We are staging the play in the round, and I have commissioned music and sound especially for this play. I have a great cast and crew working hard to produce the best theatre experience I can. I am using my extensive experience as a performer, writer, director and keen fan of Fringe and theatre, to Brighton and hopefully take it beyond later this year and for years to come. “ 

The play

Theatrical trailer

2 TV ghost hunters, 2 treasure hunters, 1 spooky mansion.

What would happen if a television crew and a pair of treasure hunters, unaware of each other’s presence, find themselves in the same spooky mansion in the middle of nowhere? The TV crew are there to do preliminary filming with a psychic expert. The treasure hunters look for shelter, in the same mansion and at the same time. Spooky coincidence? Neither pair is aware of the other. Who will get what they are looking for? Is the mansion really haunted? 

Brighton Fringe 2019 marks the world debut of The Hunters of Ghost Hall. 

The financial bit

We are a professional theatre company, but doesn't mean we make a lot of money from theatre, like most theatre companies. 

Your generous donations will be used towards the following in 2019, not just Brighton but beyond:

  • Fringe registration costs
  • Theatre Hire 
  • Paying the cast and crew
  • Rehearsal Room costs 
  • Travel Costs 
  • Theatre props
  • Theatre staging costs
  • Marketing printing costs
  • Marketing online costs

Your money means we can do all of the above. None of us involved make a lot of money and the more support we get the more money helps us all pay a few more bills. This in turn helps up develop and produce the very best theatre experience we can.

We are also in advanced planning to take the show to Eastbourne and London this summer, and some of the money raised will go towards making this happen. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

Exclusive T-shirts

A limited edition Hunters of Ghost Hall t-shirt posted direct to you. There are many glorious colour options, we will send you a link to make a choice. Unisex style t-shirts as modelled by the cast in videos. UK postage only (included). (Please contact for non-UK postage)

£10 or more

Thank-you on Facebook and Twitter

A personal thank you on our Facebook page and Twitter.

£15 or more

YouTube Video Thank-You

A specifically recorded personal video thank-you from one of our cast. Plus a thank you on Facebook and Twitter.

£17 or more

Exclusive Hunters of Ghost Hall Keyring

An exclusive Hunters of Ghost Hall Keyring. Acrylic. Size 1.7x2.3" (4.3 x 5.8cm). UK postage only (included). (Please contact for non-UK postage)

£18 or more

Exclusive Hunters of Ghost Hall Mousemat

Exclusive Hunters of Ghost Hall Mousemat. Size 8x9" (20x23cm). UK postage only (included). (Please contact for non-UK postage)

£19 or more

Exclusive download link to the original soundtrack

We have specially composed music for the play. It will only be available as a full download via an exclusive link. Produced by Adam House Music.

£20 or more

Signed Thank -You Card

A specially designed "Hunters of Ghost Hall" thank-you card signed by the full cast and writer. UK postage only (included). (Please contact for non-UK postage)

£21 or more

Ticket to the play in Brighton

A ticket to the play in Brighton Fringe on a date of your choice. Dates from 20th May to 26th May. Performance time 9.15pm. Age 12+. Please note there will be flashing lights.

£22 or more

Signed Play Brouchure

A "Hunters of Ghost Hall" play brochure fully signed by the cast and writer. UK postage only (included). (Please contact for non-UK postage)

£24 or more

Signed Poster

An exclusive theatrical poster for Hunters of Ghost Hall, signed by all the cast and writer. UK postage only (included). (Please contact for non-UK postage)

£25 or more

Personal Psychic Reading (Entertainment Purposes)

A personal psychic reading from our Psychic Zac (actor James), just for fun (James is just an actor but a bit spooky)! You can name another person to be "read", pass-on the reward! It will be put on YouTube as soon as Zac can! This is only online and unfortunately can't be done in person.

£26 or more

Exclusive Hunters of Ghost Hall Baseball Cap

Exclusive Hunters of Ghost Hall Baseball Cap. Choice of many colours (please contact). UK postage only (included). (Please contact for non-UK postage)

£40 or more

Exclusive Hunters of Ghost Hall Travel Mug

Exclusive Hunters of Ghost Hall Travel Mug. Ideal for commuters, hikers or anyone who wants a handy hot drink on-the-go. Plus you are helping the environment by not using disposable cups - many cafes will reward you as well. Size 16oz (473ml). UK postage only (included). (Please contact for non-UK postage)

£100 or more

Exclusive launch party ticket

An exclusive invitation to meet the cast, writer and director at the exclusive launch party (date to be confirmed). Plus a voucher for 3 free drinks. Free snacks will be provided. Location will be Brighton or Hove.

£120 or more

Full rehearsal preview

An invitation to watch a full rehearsal sometime in May before the actual show dates. Also, a chance to meet the full cast, and writer and director. Free soft drinks will be provided. Brighton or Hove location to be decided.

£150 or more

You name in the play!

Yes, your actual name will be mentioned in the play on the date of your choosing. Again, you can make this a present for someone who is going as a surprise! Pass the reward on!

£500 or more

Become an Executive Producer

You will become a named Executive Producer for the play as printed in the theatrical brochure and online on our website. You will get ALL other rewards listed. UK postage only (included). (Please contact for non-UK postage)

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