The "Herd Immunity" project was criminal

by The Five Million in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

The "Herd Immunity" project was criminal


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In the Pandemic,the number of UK deaths has been very high.This was a result of government crimes which must now be prosecuted

by The Five Million in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

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Tania White 27th January 2021

Herd immunity, take it on the chin, let it ripple through the population. Boris not going to COBRA meetings, instead went on holiday/boasted shaking hands. Contracts for cronies. All contributed to death.

Fiona Bovingdon 23rd January 2021

This can not continue. The extended application of a disastrous policy has cost the lives directly and indirectly, of people I know and caused long covid in others.

Akib Mahmood 22nd January 2021

It's been criminal negligence and corporate manslaughter from this government from day one and there's several instances of it, officially pursuing herd immunity is just one. They should be behind bars

Anne Dean 14th January 2021

The sooner this Tory ‘government’ goes the better. Wholesale manslaughter and cruelty to the UK people in order to fill their bank accounts and those of friends. Abject dereliction of duty ( they need to look that word up) at the cost of thousands of lives and without remorse it seems(they would have resigned in May). A National coalition government should have been created. Not a time for party politics and complete closure of borders ordered in March. We would have been well over it by now with far less economic turmoil. We have been ruined by imbeciles and tyrants! Please do your best to set an example and get them locked up!

Vivian A Echeverry V 3rd January 2021

I strongly believe that they have allowed people to die on purpose, this needs to go all they way to UN Court of Human Rights, this has been an attack on our Human Rights, all for money, nothing more.

Pamela Almaz 28th December 2020

Boris Johnson has steamrolled his way to power, lied, prorogued parliament, campaigned to leave the EU on false claims and sacking of colleagues who disagreed with him. Kept Dominic Cummings in place after breaking lockdown rules then lying about it. Gave private contracts to chums without going to tender. The man is criminally culpable for ruining lives and making the UK a laughing stock the world over.

Rick Mason 26th December 2020

I believe the current shambolic Tory government are actively engaged in seeking the dilution of democratic institutions, structures and processes. This is issue is more than academic - their toxic brand of malice and incompetence allied to their love of cronyism has resulted in excess deaths of over 80,000 people. They lie on a daily basis to the British public - and sadly most of the media are complicit in this. We need to fight back - it is now a matter of urgency.

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