The "Herd Immunity" project was criminal

by COVID 19 Testing in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

The "Herd Immunity" project was criminal


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In the Pandemic,the number of UK deaths has been very high.This was a result of government crimes which must now be prosecuted

by COVID 19 Testing in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

It has now been noted and reported on around the world that the UK  already has a very high number of deaths from COVID-19 . At the time of writing , this is believed to be around 60,000, although the UK government quotes a significantly lower number, for reasons which are not as yet clear.

 The very large number of UK deaths are as a result of an initial government decision to allow the viral infection to spread unchecked throughout the population in an attempt to build up "herd-immunity" . 

1. COVID -19 was known very early on to be lethal in a number of cases , 


2. There was - and still is at the time of writing - no clinical evidence that an infected person who recovers from COVID-19  will in fact become immune. 

Given this situation, we believe that the initial government decision to allow the infection to spread unchecked throughout the UK population was  criminal, so this campaign will begin by raising sufficient funds to seek a legal opinion on the steps we must now take to begin a prosecution for Misconduct in Public Office of all those responsible the avoidable deaths

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