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Metamorph Theatre Present 'The Good Landlord' a satirical comedy about London Living, performed at VAULT Festival in 2019 and beyond!

by Maximillian Davey in London, England, United Kingdom

Metamorph Theatre proudly present 'The Good Landlord' written by Michael Ross and Directed by Cat Robey at VAULT Festival in February 2019!

‘400 quid for all this? In Central London? They’re practically giving it away! I mean, don’t you wonder why?’ Desperate for somewhere affordable to live in London, recent graduates Tom and Ed see a cheap, spacious, centrally located flat which seems too good to be true. And so it transpires, as every surface in the flat is covered by cameras, broadcasting to an unseen landlord. They are assured that this is merely for ‘security purposes’ by Clarissa, amoral head of a bespoke boutique estate agency. Whilst Tom is horrified by the cameras, Ed positively loves the idea of being watched over by a benevolent authority figure and coaxes Tom to move in. Meanwhile, Clarissa’s new young PA Bryony has covertly gained access to the camera feed at Tom and Ed’s flat and begins watching. As Briony’s addiction, Tom’s anxiety, and Ed’s profound enthusiasm for the cameras go haywire, the Good Landlord begins to dislike what they see...

In development since January, The Good Landlord poses the question, what sacrifices would young people make for affordable living in London? The piece is a collaboration between playwright Michael Ross, Metamorph Theatre and director Cat Robey. We developed the Good Landlord using devising techniques and improvisation before Michael began work on the script. We have now moved into rehearsal in preparation for VAULT 2019.

We are looking to raise at least £1000 towards this run. This is to help us help towards us marketing the show, allowing us to have a technically sound production and paying our actors fairly. If fifty of you support us £20 we will reach that aim.

London is one of the greatest cities in the world for young people, with a wealth of opportunity, art and culture. However it is wealth also, that is squeezing young people away. The Good Landlord is a satire of the lives of two men, lured by cheap rent, into living under the eyes of their Landlord, literally. The everyday reality for young people, is having both eyes fixed on rent with no look to the future. The Good Landlord delves into the Orwellian nightmare of the rental crisis because Metamorph Theatre was set up to support emerging artists. We wanted our inaugural show to discuss one of the main threats to this community, rent. 

The cornerstone of Metamorph is supporting emerging artists and ‘Picked + Mixed Plays’, our quarterly new writing nights at the Arcola Theatre, have gone from strength to strength in the past year. Metamorph Theatre is a platform to shows at the end of their development, providing a professional showcase with a large audience to begin their journey to full production. Metamorph offers support with rehearsal, marketing, casting, assigning directors and technical support for the showcase. 

Since the launch, Metamorph has grown in size. We have embarked on our inaugural in-house production ‘The Good Landlord’ reuniting director Cat Robey and playwright Michael Ross, as well as recruiting a technical team to work across all our projects. Michael Ross’s previous work includes ‘Happy to Help,’ which premiered at the Park Theatre in 2016. Cat Robey recently assisted Claire van Kampen on ‘Othello’ and is currently preparing ‘The Shy Manifesto’ for its upcoming UK tour. 

Full Team:


Artistic Director - Maximillian Davey

Executive Director - Rupert Sadler

Creative Producer - Joshua Stretton


Associate Director - Cat Robey

In House Writer - Michael Ross

Artistic Associate - Phoebe Batteson-Brown


Musical Director - Nima Chatrizeh

Technician - Heidi Blackaby


Clarissa - Phoebe Batteson-Brown

Tom - Maximillian Davey

Ed - Rupert Sadler

Bryony - Tiwalade Ibirogba Olulode