Raising the Roof at the Glad Cafe!

by The Glad Cafe in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 14th June 2019 we successfully raised £43,333 with 790 supporters in 39 days

We want to raise money to fix our leaky roof to make sure that we can keep on delivering great gigs, good food and excellent music lessons!

by The Glad Cafe in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target


We couldn’t have done this without you, plus all the musicians, punters, record labels, gig promoters, live agents, artists, writers, comedians, staff, friends and family who have given so much of their money, time and talents to make sure this Crowdfunder worked. All the kindness that has shone through in every offer, donation and comment has meant so much to us.  We are overwhelmed, and we offer you what little we can – our Glad LOVE!

We reached the target with just 5 days of the campaign to run. It will remain live for a bit longer, with the remaining rewards still available, and should any additional amount be raised over and above our target, it will be used to improve our toilets.

This message comes not only with our heartfelt thanks, but a commitment to keep at the heart of all we do the words of Carson McCullers when she described what she thought a cafe should provide: ‘the atmosphere of a proper cafe implies these qualities: fellowship, the satisfactions of the belly, and a certain gaiety and grace of behaviour’ – oh, and excellent music of course.


We've done our best with the toilets! We keep them clean, we've painted them, we've put nice framed pictures up, we've even installed Air Freshening Hygiene Dispensers to keep the smells away, but let's face it, they're not lovely! Any money now raised beyond the £40K will be used to improve them for your convenience!


For the past seven years the Glad Cafe has been running a packed programme of live music as well as art exhibitions, films, talks, comedy and theatre in our premises on the southside of Glasgow. We are a not for profit social enterprise with a brilliant staff team of 16 who make sure  that our venue, cafe, Glad Rags shop and Glad Foundation music charity are providing our customers with a warm and friendly place to hear music, play music, eat, drink and participate. 


We are based in a brilliant but crumbling listed building which we rent and share with 10 shops and 24 households.  We open on to the street, but our actual premises run at ground level behind the tenement, and our roof provides a drying green and bin shelter area for the tenement flats.


Since opening in 2012 we have dreaded rain! Even though we've had help from the likes of a friend brushing water from the roof, or a choir member patching cracks in the bitumen, the drips continue to affect our whole Glad community.  Cafe staff have to move customers away from the wet spots, the venue staff have to shift electrical equipment to safety, and the Glad Foundation manager regularly tries to keep the Glad Foundation room dry by placing buckets in the false ceiling.  We've always wondered how to deal with this on-going problem, as fixing the roof properly has never been an affordable option and fraught with the difficulties that come along with listed building standards. 

But at last we and our neighbours have been thrown a lifeline with the promise of grants from Glasgow City Heritage Trust and Glasgow City Council to cover half the costs of a complete refurbishment to the roofs, stonework and guttering of the whole building. However, we must all pay our share and the Glad Cafe's share is a whopping £40,000.


We are desperate to keep the Glad Cafe show on the road!  Not just because WE love it, but because so many of YOU do!


We want to be able to keep our award winning venue and cafe open because it matters not only to those of us who work here, but to our wider Glad Community who are involved in all sorts of ways. Here's what some of them have to say:


As a freelance sound engineer I work in a lot of different venues. The Glad Cafe is a venue where I feel supported and respected by those running the venue and I see day in day out the care they take with those performing at the venue. That care very much extends to those attending the gigs and events at the venue.

Jer Reid, sound engineer and musician.

Great cafe with a fantastic staff, great live music and fab food 

Cafe reviewer

'As a relative newcomer to Glasgow, knowing very few people, I joined the Glad Café choir. It has been a real life changer as not only do I love the musical side of it but I have made so many new friends. The Glad Café has become so important to me - long may it continue.'  

Ann Hutchison, member of the Glad Community Choir. 

The Glad Cafe is the sort of place you could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in and then get roped into going to see a band in the evening. You kind of don’t want to leave. It was a real joy to exhibit my art there. The space is really cool and everyone who works there is so easy going and helpful. I also sold quite a few pieces which makes it an excellent place to exhibit, since folks who visit the Glad Cafe clearly appreciate art and are willing to support the artist. 

Gabi Froden, local artist

Had someone told me twenty years ago that one day a small coterie of idealists with business savvy would establish an ace southside music/arts/venue slash diner with great coffee and beer and a bang-on-the-money community ethos, I would have dismissed their ramblings as those of a wishful thinker, a beautiful dreamer. But here we are, and ther it still is, so please do what you can to keep a roof over the heads of all the thinkers and the drinkers, the mothers and the musos, for whom the Glad Cafe has become a home from home 

Bill Walker, writer, contributor to the Glad literary and art zine.

‘Ciaran finds social occasions very stressful and his preference would always be to stay at home. However, he loves coming to the Glad Foundation and has benefited hugely from the careful, creative input of Emily and Joni who run his 'Glad Tuesdays' workshop. His music group gives him a space to express himself in ways which are comfortable to him. This is hugely important when verbal expression is not easy for him’.

Catriona Milligan, mother of Ciaran, a Glad Foundation pupil. (The Glad Foundation is our charity, which provides free and affordable music lessons and workshops to people living locally)

‘Glad Tuesdays is my favourite’. Ciaran Milligan. Aged 14



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

84 of 300 claimed


20 musicians cover and are covered by, one of the other participants. Curated by Emily Scott (Modern Studies), and including many Glad Cafe favourites: Robin Adams, Alex Rex, BEAM, Broken Chanter, Lomond Campbell, A. Wesley Chung, C. Duncan, Hannah Fisher, Bell Lungs, Paul Vickers & the Leg, Jill Lorean, Sorren MacLean, Modern Studies, Emma Pollock, Rick Redbeard, Jamie Scott, Adam Stafford, Josh Thorpe, Lori Watson, WOLF, Richard Youngs

£5 or more

Your Name!

For a £5 donation your name will be written up on the Glad entrance corridor as one of our benefactors helping us to raise the roof!

£7 or more

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Lola in Slacks single

A chance to get hold of a limited edition 7" vinyl single from Lola in Slacks. Get your copy of Postscript in Blue here!

£8 or more

Coffee and Cake

An £8 pledge gets you a coffee and delicious cake at the Glad Cafe! The cake can be gluten free or vegan if you so desire, and the coffee/tea can be served with organic milk, or oat or almond milk.

£25 or more

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Thread Recordings Bundle

3 beautiful albums (CDs) from Thread Recordings: dbh - Mass; Nick Jonah Davis - House of Dragons; dbh - Mood

£35 or more

16 of 20 claimed

The Glad All-Dayer

A ticket to the AMAZING Glad All Dayer celebration festival on Saturday 9th November 2019 curated by Alex Neilson. Line up: BMX Bandits; Apostille; Lavinia Blackwall & Stilton; Comfort; Alex Rex; 3 Queens In Mourning; Irma Vep; Gift Horse; Burd Ellen; Josh Thorpe. Including RAFFLE drawn by drag artist Boris Gay. Comperes: Lew & Kyle; with DJs Chris Geddes & Ela Orleans. See also VIP tickets for this event below.

£40 or more

6 of 10 claimed

Bundle of CD/vinyl (Bundle A)

A bundle of 5 CDs/vinyl donated by great musicians who have played at the Glad Cafe. This will include a random selection from the Olive Grove, Chemikal Underground, Double A Side Records, Lost Map, and Last Night from Glasgow rosters, as well as Wesley Chung, Findlay Napier, Michael Simons

£40 or more

5 of 5 claimed

Bundle of CDs/vinyl (Bundle E)

Bundle of 5 CDs/vinyl donated by a variety of amazing musicians who have played at the Glad Cafe - RM Hubbert, Alasdair Roberts, Bill Wells, Stevie Jones (Sound of Yell and El Hombre Trajeado), Aidan Moffat

£40 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Tin Angel Records Bundle 1

A bundle of 4 great LPs from Tin Angel Records including DOUG TIELLI: Keresley; TOM BROSSEAU: Grass Punks; SING LEAF: Shu Ra; MANTLER: Monody

£40 or more

2 of 4 claimed

Bundle of CD/vinyl (Bundle B)

A selection of 5 CDs/vinyl from the following amazing musicians: Jonnie Common, Jamie Scott (aka MC Almond Milk, Japanese War Effort) and the Night School Records roster

£40 or more

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Tin Angel Records Bundle 3

A bundle of 4 amazing LPs from Tin Angel Records including BUNNY; IAN DANIEL KEHOE: Secret Republic; RYAN DRIVER: Careless Thoughts; TWO WINGS: Love's Spring

£40 or more

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Bundle of 6 books

Bundle of 6 books A bundle of 6 books from the marvellous Postcards from Scotland series donated by Centre for Confidence and Well-being. Books to inspire social, cultural and environmental change including Scotland's Local Food Revolution, Letting Go, After Now, Schooling Scotland, Knowing and Growing, The Dear Wild Place www.postcardsfromscotland.co.uk

£45 or more

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Tin Angel Records Bundle 2

A bundle of 5 wonderful LPs from Tin Angel Records including: TOM BROSSEAU: Perfect Abandon; BATSCH: Batch; BRASSTRONAUT; EVENING HYMNS: Quiet Energies; TWO WINGS: A Wake

£100 or more

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Jupiter Rising Festival Family Ticket

One family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) for Jupiter Artland's Jupiter Rising Festival 23 - 25 August 2019 https://www.facebook.com/events/jupiter-artland/jupiter-rising/349817772277984/

£100 or more

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Personal Rap at Crossmylaff Comedy!

Crossmylaff Comedy is offering a personal rap, created on the spot, live on stage by none other than West London’s finest comedy improv rapper Will Naameh aka MC Hammersmith! Will will be our headline act on Aug 31st, rhyming & pronouncing over beats so sick modern medicine has given up on them, and whoever bags this prize will be up on stage with him as he weaves the story of their life into rhyme! Reward includes 2 tix for this one off treat!

£200 or more

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Nae Sums, Ruth Ewan (2011), 50 x 56cm edition of 30, block print on Somerset Textured white (300gsm) paper, signed numbered & dated by artist The words Nae Sums, an imagined protest slogan, were printed using reclaimed school desks from Dundee. In 1911 young people went on strike from school provoked by the caning of a pupil in Wales. Many pupils from Dundee protested as they were forced to attend school as well as work in the jute mills.

£500 or more

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VIP tickets Deacon Blue Party at the Palace

2 VIP full day tickets including meet and greet and glass of bubbly with headliners Deacon Blue at Party at the Palace on Sunday August 11th! www.partyatthepalace.co.uk

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