The Cursed Soul Series

by Cash Star Films in Southampton, England, United Kingdom


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. our aim is to create a compelling and captivating series and with your help we can.

by Cash Star Films in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Due to Covid19  we've had some set backs we we're already to start the series before the pandemic everything was paid for by director Bazza cash. but due to Covid he not only lost everything we paid for but never got the money back for anything. so we're reaching out to our loyal supporters, fans, family and friends to help us raise the right funds for the series every little helps and even if you are un able to donate one share would also go along way 

The Series
The cursed soul series has gotten a lot of interest from streaming platforms our series will be on 2 streaming platforms, amazon prime and more.

with your help to raise the right funds it will go towards locations.costing for props and cast and crew also it'll go towards being able to feed the cast.

Bazza Cash has been working on this series for years and each time he has had a set back he improves the story and carries on three times bazza cash has had his work stolen and three times hes had to re write the series each time he has the story and series has gotten better.bazza cash doesn't give up he works hard for what he believes in it can be hard to write direct and produce and movie. But its even harder to do all that on your own for a series but thats what bazza has done normally series has a bunch of writers but the cursed soul is written by bazza alone. your help can bring bazza's hard work to life he's dedicated the best part of his life to this series we think its time the world saw it

if you are un able to donate but would still like to help please share our go fund me page
thank you every little helps


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£20 exclusive TCS mug

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Become an extra

ever wanted to be an extra in a Series now is your chance

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have you're own scene written

you ever wanted to have your moment to shine well now you can we will write a scene just for you in the series

£500 or more

join the cast for a photo shoot

to give you the chance to take something that you can keep forever we're offering a whole day for you to spend with the cast you can have a photo shoot set up by Cash star films then go for lunch with them

£1,000 or more

spend a 3 nights in the production house

we're offering a 3 night stay in the same production house as the main cast for the series then each morning you will join them on set for the shoots

Let's make 'The Cursed Soul Series' happen

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