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The Cornish Food Box Company

by Lucy Jones in 

We did it
On 12th August 2016 we successfully raised £28,940 with 147 supporters in 95 days

Fresh free-range food you can trust from Cornish farmers, fishermen and food producers delivered straight to your door.

by Lucy Jones in

The multi-award winning Cornish Food Box Company is revolutionising Cornwall one plate of food at a time. We believe that real food comes from real people working on real farms. You should be able to trust the food that fuels you and your family. It's this belief that has driven us grow our business and now we need your help.

"If you want to change the world - change the food on your plate"

We've done the hard work and made it incredibly easy to buy food from Cornish producers through our online home delivery service, central Truro shop and cafe.  Customers order the food they want, and we deliver it to their door.

It's really that simple - easy to order, ethical food that tastes delicious, supports food producers, the environment, and the Cornish economy. Food that works for us all - food how it should be.


So what does this actually mean?

Tasty local food that is fairly priced and delivered to your door instead of the supermarket shop.  

Buying your food shopping from us genuinely makes a difference.  All our meat, eggs and dairy come from free-range farms with fantastic welfare standards.  Our fish is caught by small boats using sustainable catch methods and landed in local harbours.  We work closely with our producers and make sure they get paid a fair price for all their hard work.   


What's different about us?

You can trust us with the food you feed your family.  We care about the food we sell, the producers who make it, and the difference it makes to the county we are from and love.

Our producers get to keep most of the retail price you pay.  Instead of the third the supermarkets typically give to their suppliers, our producers get on average two-thirds of everything you spend with us.  We think this is only fair.

The food we sell is harvested and freshly prepped for your order.  That means almost no food waste so we can keep prices competitive and fair to you - the customer.  It's a virtuous circle - everyone's happy! And we truly believe food should be about happiness, enjoyment, and community.

We are unique. We are the only food delivery company in the UK that ONLY sells food from a specific geographical area.  This way you know exactly where your food has come from.


Who are we?

The business was started by sisters Tor and Lucy in December 2010.  We come from a local farming family in the Wild West of Cornwall and want to help develop a strong and sustainable future for the Cornish economy. 

Over the past 5 and half years our business has grown hugely to become an important outlet for many small local food producers.  We now employ 10 people at our Truro shop, cafe and distribution centre, and deliver food from more than 150 Cornish producers to hundreds of homes each week.


 What's next?

Obviously we want to take over the world...but more realistically this year we want 1% of households in Cornwall buying their food shopping from us and to further expand the range of food we sell.  On an average spend of £30 this will mean £4 million annually for the Cornish economy.  To continue to grow and do this we need your support.

We are looking to raise £20,000 through our Crowdfunder and Voom 2016 campaign.

With this we will:

 + Install a production kitchen so we can make a range of foods using local produce for our cafe and for sale instore & online for home delivery.

 + Re-fit our shop with chilled food counters so we can more effectively sell fresh and 'ready to go' foods.

 + Extend our home delivery service so we can deliver to more places on more days of the week making it even more convenient to shop with us.

How can you help?

Pledge your support by buying a reward and voting for us.

Go online and order your shopping from our website

And in return?

Firstly our heartfelt thanks...we are two sisters who had a great idea and through sheer hard work have grown the business to where it is today.  To take it even further and to really make a difference we need your support.

We have a great list of rewards for you to buy.  Some of them are for treating yourself, others are great ways to get your hands on our tasty food, and a few are completely unique experiences provided by our producers.

Go on have a look, pledge a little or a lot.  Every little helps as they say!

With love from Kernow,

Lucy, Tor and the whole Cornish Food Box Team.

Our Awards:

Cornwall Life - Best Food Retailer 2015

Great Cornish Food Awards - Best Food Retailer 2015

Food Magazine - Best Food Retailer 2014

Choose Cornish Awards - Best Retailer 2014

 Choose Cornish Awards - Champion of Champions 2014

BBC Food and Farming Awards - Top Ten Best Food Retailer 2012

Newspaper Society - Local Business Accelerator Award 2012

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