The Bus Shelter Ipswich Introduces CHEYS

by Gareth Brenland in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom

The Bus Shelter Ipswich Introduces CHEYS
We did it
On 27th July 2018 we successfully raised £75 with 3 supporters in 46 days

CHEYS is our second bus from The Bus Shelter Ipswich. We need to raise enough funds to convert her to help more rough sleepers in Suffolk.

by Gareth Brenland in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom

8th position in the competition

8th place in the M&S Energy Fund 2018 - Most raised

8th position in the competition

8th place in the M&S Energy Fund 2018 - Most supporters

CHEYS is our second bus from The Bus Shelter Ipswich. 

Following on from our highly successful project TIFFERS THE BUS SHELTER IPSWICH, we decided it was time to start on a second conversion. 

We received CHEYS from THE BUS SHELTER ESSEX after they were unable to gain enough support to convert her and have her set up in Southend as proposed. 

Since taking over possession of CHEYS she has been suitably named, (after our daughter Cheyanne), she has been stripped out and now we need your help to turn her into a suitable home for a new BUS FAMILY. 

We originally needed £25,000 to kick start our journey with CHEYS, but already down to public generosity and vital support from local businesses, such as Travis Perkins Ipswich, Celotex, East Staging, Howdens of Ipswich and CJ Solar we have been able to reduce our required amount considerably. Saying this though, two of our biggest costs are the central heating system, which costs in the region of £1400 and the solar panel, leisure batteries and inverters which cost in the region of £4000. We like to keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum so your help really does ensure we are doing this. 

The Bus Shelter Ipswich is a vital community organisation which not only provides a bed for our guests, but 24/7 support. They become a caring family unit. Each guest is provided for with all the basic requirements of life, but most importantly, each guest is supported in ways specific to their needs. 24/7 care and support is in place to all of our bus family members. With the help of the general public, that's YOU GUYS, we are able to offer so many more opportunities such as voluntary work to help build a CV. Driving lessons to help with future, materials for hobbies....the list goes on. As we always say we may provide the momentum but without each and everyone of our supporters and volunteers, we wouldn't have the driving force that makes the difference! This has been constantly proven with TIFFERS. Our huge success story.  We need to extend that success, we need to make a lasting difference in more people's lives. We need to facilitate more rough sleepers coming off the streets, gaining the  important support and care they need to turn their lives around. Each and every person we offer support to whether on board TIFFERS, or at our community shop TIFFERS THE BUS SHELTER SHOP ( where we encourage rough sleepers to come along for clean and dry clothes, toiletries, guidance, basic food and drink) or referrals from other organisations.... all have the drive and commitment to help themselves, they just need that helping hand and support network to guide them, make it easier and to catch them if they fall. 

We have been fortunate enough to be chosen as a competitor in The M&S Energy Fund Scheme, in which we could receive a further £5000, purely by the amount of support and amount of donations we receive. Please help us to qualify for this fantastic opportunity, by donating anything which you can manage....those pennies really do add upto pounds! Please keep sharing this link all over social media and via email....the more people we can reach, the more support we gain. 

Please help us to get CHEYS converted, help us to reach out to more people NEEDING our help, and make CHEYS as successful as TIFFERS. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

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Named on the back of CHEYS

For a donation of £50 we will add you name to the back of CHEYS under the heading 'WE HELPED MAKE THIS HAPPEN"

£750 or more

Company advert on the side of CHEYS

Advert size approx 1500 x 700 mm Year starts from the date of advert being installed

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