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In a world where creativity is illegal, Harper and her friends come face-to-face with the consequences of their secret lives.

by PuzzleMark Productions in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

The Age of Order: A Breakdown

The Story

The Pitch Line

In a dystopian future where creativity is illegal, Harper battles the darkness of her family's past whilst her friends come face-to-face with the consequences of their secret lives.

The Visual Style

The Characters 

Harper: Plagued by the guilt of her Mother’s death, Harper searches for any way to express her creativity and keep the spirit of her Mother alive. Harper regularly comes to blows with her brother, Asher, regarding the treatment of their Father, who Harper holds accountable of her Mother’s death.

Asher: Asher burdens himself with the responsibility of keeping his Father alive, believing him to be the only thing left for him and his sister, Harper. He also devotes himself to protecting Harper. Asher rejects his creative desires for the most part and tries to convince Harper to do the same. 

Harvey: Harvey permanently resides in the group’s underground hideout after his family rejected him for being Creative. He opens up his make shift home to anyone else who is in need of somewhere to find their Creativity. Harvey acts as the father figure of the group.

Melody: Running from the tragedy of her past, melody finds less enjoyment in creativity as she does in drinking and taking drugs. Melody is close friends with Harvey and considers her other friends as her real family and would do anything to protect them. 

Ember: the most naive member of the group and the one obsessed with making change in the world and starting a revolution. She sees creativity as a weapon to use against the Order and believes her and her friends are capable of making a real difference. 

Kayson: The youngest member of the group and also the least cynical. Kayson is homosexual a part of himself he knows nothing about and is unable to express, however, uses his time with the group to truly be himself. 

Stephen Higson: Founder and leader of The Order of the People, Stephen has created a society which is built to churn out soldiers for a war that he is preparing for and believes is coming. He believes banning creativity will create a perfect society of harmony and peace.

Meet The Team  

At PuzzleMark Productions we are a dedicated team of creative individuals that aim to push the boundaries of all of our projects. 

The Producer: Amy-Louise Knowles 

Amy is the Producer for PuzzleMark Productions and works around the clock to ensure the Director's vision is logistically brought to life. Amy aims to push the boundaries of her role to make the projects she works on as ambitious as they can be. Amy is excited to get involved on The Age of Order as she aims to develop within her role and have a worthy artefact that she hopes will showcase her and her teams skills. 

The Director: Reece Taylor-Long 

Reece chose the role of the Director as being the one who decides how to tell a story is something that appeals to him greatly. The role stretches what he is capable of and challenges him both creatively and technically. His first role as a Director on a film film was a short science fiction piece, since then, Reece has taken the helm of Director at every opportunity. 

Director of Photography: Nicola Cowley 

Visual Storytelling is Nicola's passion within filmmaking. She is finding new ways to challenge herself and showcase her passion further. So far her role as Director of Photography has earned her an award nominated status. Since then she has worked on all PuzzleMark Production projects and is excited to begin this new adventure as she can test her capabilities as a Cinematographer. 

A Budget Breakdown

All of the funds raised through our crowdfunding site will be put towards the production costs of our film. Above, is a pie chart demonstrating which departments the money will go to. With the hopes that we reach our crowdfunding target, all funds will be split evenly between the departments. However, if half of the target is reached or we don't reach the funds necessary, the money will be split accordingly to sectors we deem would prove the most worthy to our cause. 

Our project is an ambitious one and with your help and the money raised we can create something extronidnary. We want to create world that defies our expectations and showcases what we as a team are capable of. 

Please donate generously, if you can't please share amongst friends and family. Thank you for taking the time to view our crowdfunding campaign and we hope you like the idea. 

The PuzzleMark Team


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