Recent changes to the Crowdfunder Terms of Use

Crowdfunder terms and conditions updated 21 January 2022.

On 21 January 2022, we updated a few paragraphs of our terms of use.

This is only a summary of the changes and you should still read the updated terms of use carefully. If you have any questions please contact us.

Change Section / paragraph
Nectar points: We have specified that supporters can donate a maximum of 1 million points per donation.. Section D, paragraph 2.1.3
Tips: We have updated how we handle refunding tips. Section B, paragraphs 2.1.6 and 3.1.3
Partner funding: We have made some clarifications to conditions and mechanics of match funding and extra funding. Section B, paragraphs 2.1.16 and a new 3.9.3
Corrected cross references and typos

Crowdfunder terms and conditions updated 4 January 2022.

On 4 January 2022, we updated Section D, paragraph 2 "Nectar Donate" "Backers". The changes are made ahead of enabling users to donate using Nectar points and cover how this works.

We have also corrected some minor typos.

Crowdfunder terms and conditions updated 16 August 2021.

On 16 August 2021, we updated our terms of use, mainly to reflect new Crowdfunder products and services such as donations with Nectar points, prize draws and regular donations. We have also taken the opportunity to tidy up a few other paragraphs. Here’s a quick summary of what’s changed.

Change Section / paragraph
Pledges: Amending definition of “pledge” to include entries to prize draws and regular donations. Section A, paragraph 1.3
Stripe: Information about the Stripe account project owners need to be set up. This is just to reflect the existing, longstanding process. Section B, paragraph 2.1.8
Bank details: Clarification that project owner bank details cannot be changed. Section B, paragraph 2.1.10
Crowdfunder checks prior to pay out: Clarification that payments to project owners will only occur once checks have been carried out on pledges made. Section B, paragraph 2.1.12
Removing projects: Amending the paragraph to make it clearer when projects can be removed or suspended. Section B, paragraph 2.1.14
Fundraising Code: Adding a requirement for project owners to follow the code if their projects are charitable, benevolent or philanthropic. Section B, paragraph 2.1.18
Prize draws: New paragraph to cover the new prize draw product. Section B, paragraph 2.3 and 3.10
Fees: Simplifying the provisions and making clear that the fees page is part of the terms of use. Section B, paragraph 2.4 and 3.5
Match funding: New paragraph to cover new functionality for projects which include match funding (where a pledge is matched by a third party). Section B, paragraph 3.9
Nectar donate: Entirely new section as the ability for donations via Nectar points is new. Section D
Corrected minor grammatical and typographical errors